Had marksmanship today and yeah i PASSED!!71 points thats what i got.It takes 65 to pass and i PASSED OF COURSE.
When it was my turn to shoot, i was like very nervous and my heart is beating like 10000000000000 times per second.Joking only la, i will die if my heart beats so fast.Ok, back to what i want to say.Its like the first six rounds were ok, all six went into the box.Then the next six shots were not very good.Think one shout was out of the box.Well, that was nine metres...When i went over to the 15 metres to shoot the last six rounds and the target was like so far away.I can't see where the bullets went lor.
After shooting, went over to take my target board and i count.13 shots in the box and 2 out. 3 missing bullets, think they went off course.Not even on the target lor.But nevermind, i PASSED!!!Lai WeiHong was very pro man.He was the only one who got the full 90 points.It's like oh my god!!!How the hell did he do it.He say until like it was very easy like that.
Ok,thats all today...BYE!!
I am so happy!!!
lhlj signing off......