We caught the crowd @ Sentosa!!

Ok, most of you knew that i organized a Sentosa Outing last week and it turned out great in the end all thanks to everyone who’s there. I really want to thanks all who came down~~ XD

We were slacking and relaxing the whole day at Siloso Beach~~ Took photos, played frisbee, swam and also played in the water~~ It was a whole day of fun~~ XD

Ok~ I shall just get straight to the photos. As i am sure i am like the latest who post this out. You would already know what happened or already seen the photos before. :P



Group picture~~


The girls~~


Jump shot~~

  DSC_6919  DSC_6921   

Me with Charlene and YingZi.


DSC_6920  DSC_6917

Qianyi with KaiXiang and YingZi~~

 DSC_6998  DSC_7005

Qianyi & Kaizhi, and Don acting cool~~


So Sweet looking right?? XD


DSC_7009 Highlight of the day~~ Buried Sandman with a sand dick and testicles….



Look at the crowd we attracted and the fact they most of them were of a particular race…


DSC_7031   A photo with the master piece.

And if you’re wandering where am i?? I am hiding in one corner… Call me conservative… LOL~~





Having fun in the sea~~~ XD



And that’s all for my Sentosa post~~ XD


Thanks everyone once again for making this outing a great one~~You know who you are~~ XD

Halloween Horrors


Remember this picture?

I have mentioned about meeting these mascots of Halloween from Night Safari in this post here.

It’s going to be the month of October soon and if you want to experience Halloween Atmosphere, you should check out night safari either on Friday or Saturday night during the month of October.

Go over and hop on the Train of Terror, go past the Gates To Neverland, take the Forest Giants Trail and go pass the Bridge of No Return. And if you managed to survive through all those, take a photo at the Haunted Photo Wall for a souvenir to bring home after all the adventures you had.

You can visit the official site for this event at http://www.halloweenhorrors.com.sg/ for more details.

I might be there~~ XD

Will you?


See you there~~~~~

Singtel INQ Event & Up on the S’pore Flyer~~


Went to the Singtel INQ event @ Ngee Ann City today with WeiJie, Meldric. Stephan, YingZi, JiaQi, Kaixin and QianYi joined us later.~ Hp and gang were there way b4 us~~

Had fun just chilling inside the GlassHouse and taking pics~~ XD

But i am sad that my tweet is not up… :(


IMG_3836 IMG_3835


In the Glass House~~ XD


 IMG_3833 IMG_3834  

Pictures with Jayden, Shawn, Andy and Alton~~ XD

IMG_3840 IMG_3841

Photo wall~~ XD


Group Photo with Jayden~~ Instax is Love~~ XD

After chilling out there, it’s time to make our way to the Singapore Flyer!!! Yay~~ It was my first time up there~~ Must thanks Weijie and Meldric and also 24seven for the tickets~~ XD

While making our way to take bus there~~ We met some unique friends from Night Safari only for the month of October~~ XD

IMG_3849 IMG_3850

IMG_3860 IMG_3854   IMG_3859 IMG_3858  


IMG_3863 IMG_3862

With Mr Dracula~~

Haha, most of them were shocked by them when they scared us~~ Except for me~~ I am concentrating on their face MU most of the time~~ Hehe~~ Preparing for halloween already, who want me to do halloween MU for them?? XD


This guy’s laughter super funny~~ Abit eerie la~~ haha~ I asked him not to laugh while we took the picture, but apparently he did so… LOL~~


A group photo with all the characters~~

Do visit the Night Safari during the month of October if you are interested to see these unique characters live at night~~ XD

Alright, so after that, we hopped on the bus to make our way to the flyer!! XD


View of the flyer at night~~ Super nice~~ XD


Aboard the flyer!! Empty special capsule ahead of us~~

 IMG_3878  IMG_3880

Everyone is busying taking photos~~ XD


From here onwards, will be narcissist photos of ourselves~~ XD








Love these 2 photos~ Above and Below~~ XD XD




With Kaixin~~


With Stephan and dear YingZi~~ XD


With Meldric~


YingZi and Weijie~~


YingZi and me~~


Weijie and me~~


At the highest point of the flyer~~ XD


Ending off with a group photo of us up on the flyer~~ Instax again~~ XD Nice right~~ XD

I swear that Instax is a super worth it investment~~ Am loving it more and more with every photo taken~~ XD

So this post has basically summed up the whole day~~ It’s really fun although all we did were going around taking photos and chit chatting etc~~ The company really make a difference~~ XD Thanks to everyone for making this day an enjoyable day~~ XD