What luck...

My creative zen v plus broke down!!!
I think it's because of a hardware failure...
Had it for one year and nine months le...
It was bought with my very first pay from watsons...
So sad...
How am i going to live without an mp3??
I am so used to listening to music on my way out to school and on the way home le...


Some more nowadays i super short of cash...
No money to buy one new mp3 and still i am intending to get a camera...
Guess i will just a buy a no brand one next time ba... Or just have to get use to not having an mp3...
At least i can still play music on my lap top or the old CD player at home.

Was sick ever since thursday... The day before MMR got symptoms of flu le... Then on the MMR paper itself, i was feeling drowsy due to the flu pills i taken the day before. Lucky never fall asleep during the paper. Then it got worse on friday, better yesterday le... Today still got abit, at least nose not block anymore.

Oh yar, yesterday went to office with Sortie for briefing for upcoming Comex, then after that we went to amk to lunch at Suki Sushi. We had a chawamushi each and shared a sashimi salad and a salmon tofu mentai teppenyaki. The mentai is super nice la!!! And it was at a very resonable price too!!! Took pictures but i am very lazy to upload them. :P Next time then upload ba..

Oh yar, Sentosa outing was postponed... Cause of the bad weather these days... Haiz...
Nvm, there's always next time XD

This picture is from T3 outing. I like this picture alot, look abit like tourists though. HAHAX!!!

Another of my fav pictures from all that we took that day. My current MSN dp. My twin said i look chio. hahax!!! *blushes*


Day out at T3~

Went to T3 after MMR exam with Syafiqah and Wendy.

We walked around and ate at Popeyes. The biscuits there are very yummy!!!

After filling up our stomachs, we went window shopping around the shops in T3.
Then we went up to the viewing mall to look at the airplanes and we ended up cam-whoring.


(Pictures can be click to enlarge~~)

These are individual poses~

Next up are couple poses~

The best pose of the day is~~~



Then we did some candid pictures~~

We took alot more pictures that day, about 100 over pictures. Take until my phone battery flat. LOL.
But i am not going to post all of them up, reason being, i am lazy. LOL

Shall end the post with one last collage.~~


The end of exams!!! CHEERS!!!

Today marks the end of exams and beginning of the holidays!!!!


MMR was not that bad to me. I like question 2 and 3 though i think i made a slight mistake in question 2. Haha, but never mind. The other questions are so-so only la. Overall not that bad...

To me, i think PR is the worst paper to me... I hate all the briefly explain questions when i only studied the main points... Haiz...

I kind of screwed up Production Mgmt too, with the misconception that differences are tools...
*Bangs Wall*

IMM was ok, so-so paper. Except i don't know how to explain the CNN effect. I think i missed it when i was reading through the articles, i did not read all, only three quarters... And it cost me... Haiz...
Maybe can get some marks for stating what the CNN effect is. LOL.

Okie, let's forget about exams le.

It's OVER!!! XD

Went out with Syafiqah and Wendy to T3 today. Took loads of pics.
Will not be posting about it today.
I will only post it up when i am done compiling the pictures into collages. XD

I am in holiday mood now~~

Looking forward to class outing to Sentosa on monday. XD



I want to watch Wall-E because i love cute stuff and Wall-E is a super cute robot that i have never seen!!! Wall-Eeeeeeeeeee~~


So tomorrow's the very first paper.


I have not started studying yet!!!


Good luck to me huh...

Oh well, exams starting tomorrow and only end next Thursday.

I have 4 papers to take...

So, i shall not be blogging from tomorrow onwards till the end of the exams...

I have high hopes of raising my GPA to at least 3.2 this semester.

I am tired of having 3.07 or 3.08...

Must raise to at least 3.2 this time round...

Then slowly raise to 3.5 and then higher...


But firstly, i must strive for it la...

Not like i say i want then have le...

Okay, shall end here and go mug for the paper tomorrow le...

Lucky the paper start at 4pm tomorrow, still got alot of time to mug. XD


Wish me luck~~

MS0702 Rocks!!!

Shall let the pictures do the talking! XD


300 warriors – The counter-attack of Sparta

So, i received this email a few days ago, and i think it's super lame and funny! I was laughing my head off when reading it. Hence, i thought it will be nice to share it out on my blog for everyone to have a laugh.

Credits to whoever created these pictures. XD


An ambassador is on his way to Sparta, a bloody fight will begin……

This is too crazy!!


This is Sparta!!

This is also Sparta!!

This still is Sparta!!

No matter what, this is Sparta!!

You crazy bloke!!


This is Sparta!!

Even King himself has to refer to the God…..

Please guide us!! God of the Sun!!

You siao ar!! Now is night time you call me out!! Get out lah!!!

Damn that stupid sun~ So, the King leads his strongest army and departed….

They met their ally on the way… Yo~

This is all you got?


You!! What do you do?

I am a hero of justice~

What about you?

I am Harry Potter~

And you?

I am the pride of Saiya~

Ha, a bunch of small characters!!

Brothers!! Tell them what we do!!

Andy Lau: I just wanna be a good man( Andy Lau's song title)

This is Sparta!

And they reached the dark tower, the Great War began………..

Let them know!!

What is Sparta!!

I just wanna say, what is this to do with me!!

Surrender, Spartan!!



Actually....I am your father!


I want revenge!

This is Sparta!!

The Spartan army is unstoppable~ finally they come to face the dark lord……..

Never thought it was you……………..

Sponge Bob!!

I lost……..

My time has come!!

Heh!! You are too dumb~

Ah!! My heart!? You!?

That's right, this is Sparta!!

Hence the Spartan King live happily ever after -End

Funny right?


Hope you all had a good laugh, yar i know it's super lame also.

Shall go to bed now...