The end of exams!!! CHEERS!!!

Today marks the end of exams and beginning of the holidays!!!!


MMR was not that bad to me. I like question 2 and 3 though i think i made a slight mistake in question 2. Haha, but never mind. The other questions are so-so only la. Overall not that bad...

To me, i think PR is the worst paper to me... I hate all the briefly explain questions when i only studied the main points... Haiz...

I kind of screwed up Production Mgmt too, with the misconception that differences are tools...
*Bangs Wall*

IMM was ok, so-so paper. Except i don't know how to explain the CNN effect. I think i missed it when i was reading through the articles, i did not read all, only three quarters... And it cost me... Haiz...
Maybe can get some marks for stating what the CNN effect is. LOL.

Okie, let's forget about exams le.

It's OVER!!! XD

Went out with Syafiqah and Wendy to T3 today. Took loads of pics.
Will not be posting about it today.
I will only post it up when i am done compiling the pictures into collages. XD

I am in holiday mood now~~

Looking forward to class outing to Sentosa on monday. XD


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