Different Worlds~ Different Decisions…

This is a period where most of my best friends from secondary school started their new chapter of life in their respective universities.

To be honest, the last few times i have been out with them, i felt a distance. They are all happily chatting about the uni life that they will be embarking on soon. All i can do is to sit down there and listen. But even though i felt left out, i am still proud of them being able to make it to uni and i am glad for them.

I have long expected this feeling to arrive from Day 1 when i choose a different path from there. At the very least, our friendship managed to stay strong regardless of the different worlds we are in now.

There is at least the common point that we return to from where we are know.

Of course, most of them i have known for 6 years and 8 months and still counting. This other one goes a long way back, i believe 12 years plus we have been in each other lives. Good old memories are what bind people from different worlds together.

I could actually join them when i end this chapter of my life next year. But would i be able to make it?

Three different paths awaits me to take when i graduate from poly next year.

  1. Go into the working society.
  2. Further studies at local uni/ overseas.
  3. Work first and then apply for local uni dunno how many yrs later.

If i were to enter the working society first, which area should i go into?? Definitely not the area of work that i am in now for my attachment. This attachment has clearly proof to me that this area of work is not suitable for me in the working society. So where should i go?

If i were to further studies, which course, which uni? Local or overseas? Will i be able to get a bank loan to support my fees? Money is the issue here.

If i were to work first then study, will i still have the mindset to study again? I am not prepared to enter school where i will have a big age difference with everyone else. Or should i take a part time course instead of a full time one, so that will not be a problem?

These 3 paths, all lies with problems which i have to learn to see for myself which is easier for me to handle.

There’s only about half a year left for me to make my choice…

It’s again the time of life when one chapter is ending and other new chapter starting. What lies in the new chapter, lies in my own hands…

This is by far, the most difficult decision to make as i am confused and unsure… I do not know what awaits me in the future… I am afraid of this future…

Stephan and twin’s Birthday Celebration @ Astons

Celebration Date: 23rd August

Real B’dae: 24th August

Went to celebrate Stephan and his twin Birthday @ Centerpoint Astons on Sunday~~

Meeting time was 6.30 pm. But i reached there at 7 plus with Weijie, Mel, Kaizhi and Yingzi~~ :P

Other then Stephan, Hp, Don, Qian Yi, KaiXiang were all already there~ Which makes us the latest~

Eh no, JianHao is the latest~~ LOL~

When i first saw Stephan’s twin Cedric, i thought there was something wrong with my eyes as i was wearing new contacts. Haha~~ Embarrassed myself~ LOL~ Too long never seen twins le.. :P

We ordered food and while waiting, YingZi took out her lipstick and hence, we all decided to give the Birthday Boy some kisses~~ XD There are only 3 girls out of the 11 present there and we all gave him kisses~ XD

Then food came and we kept ourselves busy eating~~ When we had leftover food, we decided to mix some together and played the ultimate code~ The one who kena gets to eat the yummiest food on earth. I suay suay kena because of the last number left while i was helping to cut the cake~~ It’s super disgusting!!!

Ok, i shall let the pictures and video show you guys the happenings on that day~ XD







IMG_3527 IMG_3530IMG_3531







Just some pictures~~


This pic has been laying in my com for quite some time le~~

Proof of Weijie bullying YingZi~~



My work desk, but now i already moved to the one to the right since my colleague from NP left~ Now another intern from NP is sitting on this very seat~~


The interns, the one in the middle left already. Lucky guy~~

27 days left for me and sean~~


With my best sisters!! Or BFFs if you want to call it that way~

My twin’s the one in the white jacket on the extreme right~


Taken on the same day in NTU’s hostel~ Btw, it’s my best friend, the one in green jacket in the previous pic’s room. She shared with her friend who was also my classmate in sec school~



Taken on GI Joe movie outing~~ The day where they made me travel all the way from paya lebar to khatib and back to bugis~

IMG_3477 IMG_3478


IMG_3482 IMG_3483

My new found love~~

Instax~~ Only took five so far~ And left with 5 films~~

Films are ex, after asking around, cheapest i can find in stores is $12~ I know i can find cheaper ones online~ $10.50 but including postage and waiting time etc, i dun mind paying $12.

And i found this nice old looking cardholder file~~ Just nice to fit in the credit card size photos~~

Aimed to filled up this album~ But will be ex~ :P

Ok, that’s all for today~


I'm feeling like a bitch cos i wan to rant...


I am freaking tired of work...

I hate travelling all the way from Yishun to Paya Lebar...

You know, walking from to the mrt from my house takes 20 mins. Just this time alone is enough from someone to travel from their house to the office.

However, when i reach the mrt, i still take abt 15 mins to reach Ang Mo Kio mrt because the trip itself takes 8 mins while the waiting time ranges from 3 to 7 mins. Then when i alight at Ang Mo Kio i still need to walk 5 mins to the bus interchange to change to bus. Here, if you're lucky the bus comes in 5 mins else you have to wait from 15 to 20 mins before the bus arrived. If you hop on to bus 24, the bus trip take 25 to 35 mins depending on the traffic whereas bus 22 take 30 to 40 mins. After i alight from the bus stop, i still need to cross the bloody overhead bridge and walk to the office which takes another 5 minutes.

Total time needed to reach the bloody office from my house:
20+15+5+15+30+5=1 hours 30 mins

But this time is the maximum rough guage, in real should be around an hour plus plus.

But still it takes at least an hour but some people only takes 20 mins.

So while i wakes up at 7 or 7.30 am, people wakes up at 8 or 8.30 am and accuses people when they have straight bus to office. I need to walk, train, bus and walk!

Like please la, at least i did not affecy my work right. I got all the things done in 5 mins. On shoot days la, my prep job...

And i freaking hate your attitude, ok, not only you but all of you who's on the project...

Seriously, i am not a cheap labour la~
And pls do not waste resources and time by i want this i want that and end up not using it at all. Like WTH~

And your face is fugly i an refused to look straight at you cause i will have nightmares by doing so.

(Talking bout 2 diff persons...)

Ok heck, i shall end here. Cos i actually vented out liao before blogging. LOL~

Nuffnang- Cenosis Blogging Contest

Standing at this weight, i would be lying if i tell you that i have not tried any ways to lose that weight. But one thing i am glad is that i don't look like i am standing at the above weight. For this i am glad that i am standing at 1.66cm tall which kind of balance it out.

My stats are as of below:


Basically, to described myself, i am fat, large, big-boned, etc.

So what are the slimming attempts that i have tried? Obviously they all failed since i just took the above picture today.

Attempt Number 1:

Eating only vegetables and fruits during dinner. Avoiding rice and all that carbohydrates...

This attempt only lasted like 1 week. No matter how much i liked vegetables, eating only that for dinner everyday is too much~

Attempt Number 2:

Drinking slimming tea everyday.

Don't work at all~

Attempt Number 3:

Avoid fried food, sinful food and all. Tried skipping 200 times everyday. (Tried only, did not managed to skip everyday...)

Attempt Number 4 which i never tried or attemptted:

~Image Credits to Google~

EXERCISE three times a week. Plus control diet.

I am quite sure that exercising will definietly help me lose some weight or slim down in a way if i also control my diet.

But sadly, i am lazy plus i love food too much~

I can't resist all the good food~~

And good food are mainly the sinful ones.

In the end, i just gave up. Though now i do still try to avoid fried oily food and of course chocolates.

I knew that i just i have start on attempt number 4 to see some results.


Or maybe... If i have the money... I could give a go at the Cavitation Technology which Cenosis provided.

Reading the information about the technology on the website~ I think that it will help me and others out there to shed some weight and get rid of the extra fats that we don't need in our body.

Source of Image: http://www.cenosis.biz/cavitation.php

Basically this Cavitation technology will help break down those fat cells into simpler fatty acids so that it is able to be passed out of our body through our excretory system. The skin, liver and kidney are the organs in the excretory system which help pass out all the waste stuff from our body. I think that is cool, to get rid of those fats through the ususal body system rather then taking risks to eat those slimming pills etc.

The best thing is, there are no side effects~ XD

I might try it in future when i am older and is earning my own income. XD

But for you out there, why wait?

“Make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit www.cenosis.biz/cavitation.php to make an appointment.”

Dinner @ The Cathay & Public Enemies

Went out to the Cathay to meet up with JiaQi and Weijie to have dinner after work yesterday~~

What Weijie had~

What me and JiaQi had~

I kind of like the meal that i had~ There are like different types of wantons to chose from and you can chose either dry or soup noodles~
After dinner, YingZi joined us and we had cheese fries, treat by JiaQi~~ XD
At first YingZi told the other 2 that she's not coming but while we were ordering food, she called me and told me that she decided to come and ask me to kept it from the 2. When she arrived, the other 2 was shocked while i pretended to be~ haha~ My acting not bad huh~~ XD
After that we chat for awhile then suddenly made the decision to catch a movie, Public Enemies~

Camwhore awhile before the movie~~ XD

Review of Public Enemies will be in a different post~ But i can say it's a nice movie~ XD

Dinner at 85 and webcamming at YingZi's house~~

Went for dinner at 85 with Weijie, YingZi, Mel and JiaQi on friday night~ We each fork out $10 and had a big feast~ Oyster omelette, Grilled Chicken Wings, BBQ Stingray, Kangkong, Bak Chor Mee and drinks~~ Super fulfilling meal~ We even ta pao bones back for BoBo and Lindsey~~

No pics of the food cause i have got it from Weijie yet... But you can take alook of our feast at YingZi's blog, link over to the sidebar on the right~

After dinner, we went to YingZi's house to play with her webcam~~ Took loads of pictures and a funny video~ Haha~~ XD
~Video up first~ XD


LOL~ This is classic~ XD