Dinner at 85 and webcamming at YingZi's house~~

Went for dinner at 85 with Weijie, YingZi, Mel and JiaQi on friday night~ We each fork out $10 and had a big feast~ Oyster omelette, Grilled Chicken Wings, BBQ Stingray, Kangkong, Bak Chor Mee and drinks~~ Super fulfilling meal~ We even ta pao bones back for BoBo and Lindsey~~

No pics of the food cause i have got it from Weijie yet... But you can take alook of our feast at YingZi's blog, link over to the sidebar on the right~

After dinner, we went to YingZi's house to play with her webcam~~ Took loads of pictures and a funny video~ Haha~~ XD
~Video up first~ XD


LOL~ This is classic~ XD

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