Sneak Preview

Did a Photoshoot for my upcoming Birthday on the 29th April. Here's a sneak preview to what to expect when I reveal the photos on the day itself! XD

New Toy: Tamagotchi Tama-Go

The original Tamagotchi character~ Kawaii desu~ 

I got myself a Tamagotchi, Tama-Go!! 

I am sure a lot of you once own a Tamagotchi years back. 

I myself never really own an authentic Tamagotchi before but I had the dinosaurs one, the 'chiong' tamagotchi which is actually a pet chick. Oh, I also owned a real Digimon! But never the tamagotchi because it was really expensive at that time. My mum only bought me the cheapest. >.< But better then nothing la! Haha~ Though somehow I wished I still kept those with me but it's all gone already. 

So, after reading up about the Tama-Go online, I decided to get it! Simply because there's like quite a lot of things to do! Games, shops and marrying your pet etc. Plus they have the figurine thing where you attached it to the console and unlock new games and items. Quite cool huh?

My pet is now a 4 years old Violetchi, a girl! They grew a year each day so actually is 4 days old la. Haha.
Another cool thing is that they have rooms! Look at the image above, that's my pet when still a baby in it's living room!

Another thing is that you know how irritating when we have to clear up their shit when they poo? Now, we can potty train the pets! So that they will go to the toilet themselves!

It's really cute, and something to distract me from my phone which I'm told that I'm always on. :P

One Man Photoshoot

Just realized that I have not blog about this set of photos before! I only managed to edit a few before my com crashed. >< But I just use photoscape to do some minor editing since I wanted to share. It's the same set of photos as my current Blog Banner and Display Pics at various social sites.

All photos are taken with my trusty Olympus EP2 with a tripod. Shots are either taken with self timer or one hand on shutter while posing. Which is why I named this post a One Man Photoshoot. :P

Shall start with 2 GIFs~

These are all unedited raw self timer shots. Plus I did the shoot where the lighting ain't really good, hence the photos are quite grainy.

Now on to most of the 1 hand on shutter shots,  if you see me using both my hands in the shot means it's self timer. :P Those with black border with the exception on the one I use for my blog banner are edited using photoscape. The rest, photoshop.

Oh, and I am going to randomly caption each photo. LOL.

1: Look into my eyes. 

2: What do you want?

3: My Blog Banner~~ XD

4: Photoshopped purple contacts. 

5: Oh Hi!

6: Dark Aura.

7: You got a problem?

8: Yes, you.

9: Lovely eyes.

10: Kawaii~

11: Act cool colored.

12: Act cool sepia.

13: Color Pop. 
(Love how the colors look after editing.)

14: You looked familiar...

15: Breathe in deeply.

16: Emo, act one.

17: I've got wind in my hair.

18: Konnichiwa, watashi wa nihon-jin desu. :P

So which ones do you guys like?

I can has a Name Necklace too!

Saw the necklace? I can has my name on my neck! LOL. :P
I find that photos where I don't look directly at the camera got more feel then I look direct. Hee. :P

Here's a closer look, nice right? Hee~ Love it to bits. I even asked to add a red crystal at the star part.

Got mine at Good service, there was a little issue but the owner solved it quickly.