New Toy: Tamagotchi Tama-Go

The original Tamagotchi character~ Kawaii desu~ 

I got myself a Tamagotchi, Tama-Go!! 

I am sure a lot of you once own a Tamagotchi years back. 

I myself never really own an authentic Tamagotchi before but I had the dinosaurs one, the 'chiong' tamagotchi which is actually a pet chick. Oh, I also owned a real Digimon! But never the tamagotchi because it was really expensive at that time. My mum only bought me the cheapest. >.< But better then nothing la! Haha~ Though somehow I wished I still kept those with me but it's all gone already. 

So, after reading up about the Tama-Go online, I decided to get it! Simply because there's like quite a lot of things to do! Games, shops and marrying your pet etc. Plus they have the figurine thing where you attached it to the console and unlock new games and items. Quite cool huh?

My pet is now a 4 years old Violetchi, a girl! They grew a year each day so actually is 4 days old la. Haha.
Another cool thing is that they have rooms! Look at the image above, that's my pet when still a baby in it's living room!

Another thing is that you know how irritating when we have to clear up their shit when they poo? Now, we can potty train the pets! So that they will go to the toilet themselves!

It's really cute, and something to distract me from my phone which I'm told that I'm always on. :P

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  1. xueli says:

    hey, i just bought one too. are you able to connect to tamatown?

    Anonymous says:


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