Counting down...

9 more days to the 2 weeks hols...How i hope i can fast forward and leap into the hols and then put slow motion...Haiz, but past experiences told me that it will be the other way round...I am really looking forward to the break cause i seriously need a break from all those ICAs... Have 2 more ICAs to go before the hols...A marketing test and a research paper... Also have to prepare for Mr azhar's ICAs 2...This is seriously mad not extremely crazy....

Well, i had done my informative speech ICA on monday.I think that i screwed it up badly...I was damn nervous as the order to go up and present is by drawing lots...I am like one of the first few to present and i added in some points last minute to make sure i won't underrun, hence all my preparations went to waste.Because, i messed up the order of certain points and i keep reading from the script...Argh!!!What done is done, no point brooding over it...Just have to make sure i will do better in future.

Some thots
*Every single person in the world is living with a mask on... Putting the mask on for too long might lead to losing one's truth self......*
*I lost myself long ago to the cruel reality of the world*
"Being innocent does not means you are naive, it just means that you refuse to face the reality..."
"Reality is cruel"


Yay, another ICA done!!! But there's still an informative speech presentation on monday... Somemore the order is by drawing lots lor... Let's hope i dun get to present on monday...

Met up with dear sortie yesterday after school.Long time never see her liao. We went amk hub and shop for about 3 hours plus, we only bought a pair of earrings each.Then we went mos but i din eat.LOL...

After that, i met up with my mum at northpoint but before that i received an sms from Li asking me if i want to join her and lx for dinner.Since i never seen lx for a long time too, i agree. So i ask my mum to go home first.Hahax...We went KFC to eat but i only ate chesse fries.Then we went shopping and each of us bought a very cute thingy from gift a name. After that we went mini toons and lx bought me the very cute mushroom soft toy for me as my belated b'dae present.So nice right.I shall take pics of it soon with my laptop webcam and post it on my friendster.

I am going mad soon...

Two ICAs down, more coming up...I think i will go mad sooner or later de... Haiz, i have a feature story ICA due this friday...But i have not done the interview yet...Count on my luck of getting the most difficult topic...Just has to try my best, i guess... Then next week is the second ICA for business presentation skills...It's an informative speech....I rather do narrative or persuasive lor...Haiz...Then there this group report that is due two weeks later...But it's not started yet... A test coming up for marketing too....It's like so busy la...Yar, i know that i am also quite lazy la...But normally i will still be able to keep in pace...Haiz...This is far too much and it's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Monday

LOL.It's mr azhar's ICA1 filming today...It's a total disaster...First, MJ is late...Regardless of the fact that i have reminded him for dunno how many times on friday to be on time for the lesson.Then, the camera went bonkers, well actually its the battery.Poor Shi Yan has to run back up to change the batteries twice.Then, all the lecturers refuse to let us interview them...In the end, we only get like 6 minutes worth of shots...Let's hope that it's enough.Haiz, so many ICAs to do...I think i am going to go mad soon...

POP 2007

Went back to Anderson on Friday for the POP Parade. It's very different from the past...It's like so short la...I remember the previous POPs all running short of time de... Maybe its because this year the sec2s dun have any performance ba... Also, this year the buffet is like DIY de... I went at 1 plus to help my juniors prepare de food but actually i din really do anything la.Hahax!!Cause my main purpose is to go and eat.LOL. Then they ordered this very big cake for $130.So good lor...I stand down that time dun have de...:(
Many of my squad mates went back too...It's like a mini reunion for us.Too bad Li, Perrine, LWH,MingYu and Arkar never come back...All else it will be full attendence.Hahax.
Haiz, really miss those good old times in NPCC in Anderson.

Ah!!!So full!!

Had yet another buffet today. Went sakae sushi with six of my classmates today after school.(Oh yar, all of them are part of the mad family that we made up in the class.Hahax!!)
Wa, we ate alot today lor...I am so full until i can hardly walk. But we did have fun crapping.Hahax.
I doubt i can eat anymore today and tomorrow lor...Hahax...Must start dieting liao...Eat too much these days.

Very Full...

Went to bugis with BY and SB today. We had our lunch at Seoul Garden.Quite ex cause is buffet.About 19 dollars per pax cause it sunday.But i paid 10 only cause BY sponser me half as she promised me a treat.We were thinking that we must eat to our heart's fill since it's like quite ex.And we did eat alot.We ate until our stomach are all bloated.Hahax!!After that, we were like to full to walk.Lol...Getting fatter liao.
Actually we planned to go kbox de but due to the fact that i have gotten sore throat on friday, we changed plans.So sad...Very long time never sing le...I want go sing!!!Haiz, why i so suay got sore throat...

ICA Presentation on narrative speech

Had my ICA presentation today...Was all nervous and stuff...Like having stage fright...It's all because of the camera facing me!!!If there had not be a camera there, i bet i would do much better.
Haiz, too late anyway. At least its over.Do you know that the feeling before and after the presentation is totally different?It's like i was very worried bout how i will do b4 the presentation but after i am done with it, i felt that i have let off the burden on my shoulder and i feel so "light".
Shall blog till here today...Cause nothing else to blog liao.HaHa!!

Fun Day

We had a long day yesterday.Lessons ended at 12 and we have a make-up lesson at 4.And so, we have 4 whole hours of free time.Therefore, MJ suggested to go eat roti prata at jalan kayu.So about half the class went there and had lunch.The pratas there are not that great and the prices are expensive.Not that expensive la but for pratas, it is.Nevertheless, we had a fun time eating.
After eating, we decided to go to the grassroot club to play pool, the guys want to play la, we girls just wanted to watch.However, the place is like full, so the whole group of us sit outside the pool room and enjoy the air-con.
Then we went back to school for our lesson which only lasted 40 mins....................
After the lesson, me, Ida, MingHui, Olivia, MJ, Thomson,WenMin and Hendrick stay around to chitchat. Ida, Olivia and i were play this game named o2jam which was really fun to past time.I am already hooked onto the game already.LOL.

Haiz, monday is the ICA1 presentation for Mr Chong's module...Why monday and half of the class get to present on thursday...So unfair...Argh, i hate presentations the most de lor...


Went to watch spiderman 3 with my classmates yesterday after school.It's quite a good show although i am not really interested in spiderman.LOL.
We were sitting in the first row and have to tilt our heads up to see properly and i can tell you my neck nearly break.Haha!!!Then there was this irritating guy behind me who keep kicking my seat but stopped when i turned back to glare at him. I really hate this kind of ppl.
Nervertheless, it's still very nice to catch a movie with my classmates. Since this activity is counted as homework in our course, we should do it more often.Haha!!!

17 already...

"Time really flies..."
I realised that i have said these three words for many times...But seriously, time really pass by very quickly...In a blink of an eye, i am already 17...17 years should be very long and yet, these 17 years felt like 17 months to me...Well, i am exaggerating but am just trying to say that i felt that time really pass by too quickly.

What do people do at the age of 17???
17 is an age where we are no longer teens but young adults...Hence, we should be more mature and responsible in everything that we do.(yar right...)

What is the exact age when a person turned into an adult???Is it at the age of 18 or 21???Who knows?I think it probably differ in everyone's case...

But how should adults behave???
Be more mature and responsible?Lol!!I knew loads of adults who are just the opposite.Childish and irresponsible....

I guess there's no definite answer to my questions.No matter how we behave regardless of our age, it's all our own choice.So if others have a bad impression about you, thinking that you are childish or irresponsible, it's your own fault.Cause it's your behaviour that lead to others having such an impression on you.

What i believe is that no matter what we do, its our choice and we should be responsible for it...

Another of my philosophical post...Any comments??