Counting down...

9 more days to the 2 weeks hols...How i hope i can fast forward and leap into the hols and then put slow motion...Haiz, but past experiences told me that it will be the other way round...I am really looking forward to the break cause i seriously need a break from all those ICAs... Have 2 more ICAs to go before the hols...A marketing test and a research paper... Also have to prepare for Mr azhar's ICAs 2...This is seriously mad not extremely crazy....

Well, i had done my informative speech ICA on monday.I think that i screwed it up badly...I was damn nervous as the order to go up and present is by drawing lots...I am like one of the first few to present and i added in some points last minute to make sure i won't underrun, hence all my preparations went to waste.Because, i messed up the order of certain points and i keep reading from the script...Argh!!!What done is done, no point brooding over it...Just have to make sure i will do better in future.

Some thots
*Every single person in the world is living with a mask on... Putting the mask on for too long might lead to losing one's truth self......*
*I lost myself long ago to the cruel reality of the world*
"Being innocent does not means you are naive, it just means that you refuse to face the reality..."
"Reality is cruel"

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