I broke my record!!!

LOL, guess what record i have broke??I think none of you could have guess cause no one knew about it.HAHA!!!

Well, i broke my record of holding my breath under water for 63 seconds.Now, my record is 85 seconds.LOL!!!HAHA!!!I know i very pro.LOL

Was doing our research paper project in the library today.We din to much actually la, cause not in the mood.LOL.Also because we are distracted.Cause Ida's litte cousin was with us and we were busy entertaining her.She very cute though. Also because Beatrice has to go early, then i feel very sleepy...HAHA...So we just take down all the websites that we think have the info that we need...Going to do it tmr, cause i don't want be fourth-wheeler!!!HAHA!!!

Then at around 4pm plus, Ida got to go and i went to sit around with Ming Hui and Haikal...We just slack around...Then Haikal went to collect his ez-link then me and Ming Hui took his MacBook and camwhore with his photo booth.LOL!!!We took quite alot of pictures and some of them turned out quite well...

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