Some Updates on my life~

Outfit of the day~ Top from F21, forget to take the back, it's open with a bow design. Shorts from random place and tights from ASOS.

Signed up for Japanese Class and it was my first lesson today~ 
Class was fun and interactive~ The Sensei was very nice and fun too! XD
Glad that I went to Ikoma for the lessons, I really like how the lessons are being carried out. Am looking forward to my next class~ XD

After my lessons, I went to Bugis for the Flea held at Bugis Essensuals where the sponsored bloggers are selling their loots there. Went there with Sortie cause I know she would love to see Yutaki in person! LOL. And also to tempt her to spend money. :P Ended up I got a jacket and a tee-shirt too. :P 

Took instaxs with Yutaki, Eric and Miyake!! XD She's so pretty in real life, I mean not the first time I saw her in real life but I can't help but look at her more then I look at the the guys. LOL. 

Instaxs with Yutaki~
I absolutely love my Instax! Best purchase ever in my life! 

Look at Miyake! So pretty and Kawaii!! I look like a giant beside her. >.<
And that's Eric who's really nice in person and I love his hair, though I prefer his red hair better which he previously had.

Below photos are taken with Sortie's S90 as I only brought my Instax out. :P

With Yutaki~ XD

With Eric~
 Can't help but say I like this photo better as I think I look better in this. LOL. 

Today's a day with a good start but bad ending. It's ok, cause that's life...

Give Blood

Went to the BloodBank @ HSA on CNY's eve to donate blood!
From registration, screening, to the actual donation plus waiting time is roughly about an hour or less. The actual process of the donation takes only about 15 minutes. It does not hurt at all, as they will apply anesthetic  before poking the big needle with the tube into your vein.

This little droplet of blood is dress to the CNY theme! It's actually a stress ball to help ease the flow of blood so that the process will be quicker.

This is only my 2nd time donating blood, but the little nameplates up there are regular blood donors! Kudos to them for taking time off to donate blood regularly. I think it's something we should do if we have the time as a pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!

Was there with lovely Roseanne~
Check out the opening hours in the photo too and make a trip down to donate some blood today~ XD

Happy Chinese New Year~

The cousins came over to my house for Black Jack on the third day of CNY~ 
Hee, some of us won and some lost. :P
Happy Bunny Year people! 

Mcdonalds Toys~~ XD

I used to love collecting Happy Meal Toys from McDonald but have since grew out of the phase as the toys are getting too childish for my age. 

However, Mcd came out with a series of collectibles that are too cute to be miss! And they are not the happy meal toys, you can just go and buy the toys~ XD 

First up is the McHappy Bears!! XD

 Don't they kind of remind you of bearbricks? LOL. 

 My fav got to be Hamburgler, but in their original form, I love Birdie the most! 

 They reminded me of the times where I go crazy collecting each and every series of McDonald characters toys. 

 And here's the Miniature series! You can either buy the whole set at $25 where it comes in a box or just buy it at $2.50 each which amount up to only $15. So the box actually cost $10 la. >< 
Of course, I did not get the box, or rather my mum did not. I did not know about the Miniature series till my mum bought it back! I only ask her to help me buy the McHappy Bears! :P

 I think Fish Burger, McCafe coffee and Apple Pie look the most realistic.

 Fries anyone? No trans fat! :P

Or a Coffee full of Arabic Beans?

 I really like the apple sauce that's oozing out~

 I would really love a real apple pie right now. :P

Hungry? Got get the real deal~ 

P.S: All photos taken by Olympus EP2, last 2 photos are taking in pin hole mode. Pancake lens used.

G+ Annual Gathering @ Sinema Old School

Attended NN G+ Annual gathering event held at Sinema Old School on Sun.~ It was quite a enjoyable event, I especially enjoyed the talk by Dr Leslie Tay, which is super inspiring.

 Was raining the whole day and it was damn cold so I opted to wear my F21 hoodie. Which I am glad I did cause it's warm and comfy~ XD

 In the theater full of bloggers~ 

 Ying Zi~


 Election for President and V.President. All the familiar faces~ 
Congrats to Hp for being President and Thiang for being V.President! XD

 Yummy food!! I especially love the cheese sandwich! :P

Ending off with a photo with Qiu Ting whose super friendly~ XD