Some Updates on my life~

Outfit of the day~ Top from F21, forget to take the back, it's open with a bow design. Shorts from random place and tights from ASOS.

Signed up for Japanese Class and it was my first lesson today~ 
Class was fun and interactive~ The Sensei was very nice and fun too! XD
Glad that I went to Ikoma for the lessons, I really like how the lessons are being carried out. Am looking forward to my next class~ XD

After my lessons, I went to Bugis for the Flea held at Bugis Essensuals where the sponsored bloggers are selling their loots there. Went there with Sortie cause I know she would love to see Yutaki in person! LOL. And also to tempt her to spend money. :P Ended up I got a jacket and a tee-shirt too. :P 

Took instaxs with Yutaki, Eric and Miyake!! XD She's so pretty in real life, I mean not the first time I saw her in real life but I can't help but look at her more then I look at the the guys. LOL. 

Instaxs with Yutaki~
I absolutely love my Instax! Best purchase ever in my life! 

Look at Miyake! So pretty and Kawaii!! I look like a giant beside her. >.<
And that's Eric who's really nice in person and I love his hair, though I prefer his red hair better which he previously had.

Below photos are taken with Sortie's S90 as I only brought my Instax out. :P

With Yutaki~ XD

With Eric~
 Can't help but say I like this photo better as I think I look better in this. LOL. 

Today's a day with a good start but bad ending. It's ok, cause that's life...

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