Photography is fun~

I bet most of you guys seen the photos of my Pinkys. It's fun shooting those cute little darlings.

However, i got to realised that it's even better to shoot a real live model!! Offered to help Wendy to take some photos for her newly opened blogshop. Sadly, i did not bring my darling camera, 'Karmel'(new name for my camera XD) so i used my Syaq's camera instead.

It's really fun to do fashion photography especially when you take nice nice photos. Hahax~~ You get to decide how the model should pose and the various angles. (Being a fan of ANTM helped me alot to decide how the model should pose to bring out the clothes worn.) XD

Although some times you got to lie on the grass or the dirty ground to get a good shot. It's totally worth it when you get a good picture. XD

Ok, enough talk.
Pictures time~

It's all embeded with my friend blogshop logo la, cause i lazy to photoshop another set without the logo. LOL~ Only minor editing done, i merely auto- curved it. Cause the pictures are all very nice already. Hee~

What do you think of the pictures? Not bad for a first timer like me right?
Hopefully there's another shoot coming soon next week and i shall use my 'Karmel' for the shoot. XD Hee~
Do visit my friend's blogshop if you caught an eye on any of those pretty clothes.

I need SLEEP!!

Managed to get the IMC report done in about 6 hours time...
But when i finished it, it was like 6.30 am in the morning and i have class at 10.
Only managed to catch 2 hours of sleep...
Nearly dozed off a few times in class today.
Caught a small nap just now...
But still not enough sleep lei. LOL~
Tomorrow have class at 8am somemore... :(

Shall go and do my insights and go sleep.





Let's see if i am able to get IMC ICA1 done in a day...
Wanted to do it today...
All i did was research...
There are just so many things that run through my mind on how i want to get about doing the report.
Yet, the stupid flu bug and headache make my mind blank when i wanted to type out the content of the report...
Guess this is what happens when you don't start work early...
But there are so many other ICAs...
Releasing an ICA early is totally not a good idea at all.
Cause when the deadline is far, you tend to forget about the whole thing altogether.
Until the time when it's nearing the deadline, then people will go, ' Shit! Still got this haven do. Need to hand in next week....'
Except for those hardworking people la...
But for last minute workers like me, that's what happen.
Normally i am able to get it done in limited time...
But, i had to get sick...
Not finding excuses for myself but it's a fact that i am bloody sick for a week already... Those flu pills and sore throat medicine are totally useless. I have no idea why i have headache too... Usually just the flu and sore throat.

Another thing is that there's still entre ICA2... Lucky it's a group report... But truthfully speaking, i have not written a single thing yet. It's all in my head... Just that i can't seem to type it out.

Why are you able to blog then?


I don't bloody need to use my brains to blog. You just blog whatever shit that comes to your mind. Regardless of the grammar, content, font, spacing and whatever requirements needed in a proper report.

How i wish i could just sleep and never wake up...

(Pardon me for this post... This is not my usual way of blogging with all the shit and stuff. But i am not exactly in the right state of mind now.)

Tons of work~~~ Sick me~~

There are tons of work to be done...
With very little time...
Tests coming up, deadlines to be met...
I think i am going crazy soon.

One of the worse is that i have a 8 page individual report due next tuesday but i haven not written a single word. DIE!!!

Then got another 1,500 - 1,800 words report due on next monday... Luckily it's a group report...

Got test this friday!!! Have not studied yet!!!!!!!!!


These are not all...

There are going to be many more coming up....

Oh, there's still IP ICA3 which is due in next next friday... Phew... At least not so tight...

But then still got IMC ICA2, Business Law ICA2, entreprenuer ICA3, 4 due to be released after submission of ICA2 on monday... IP ICA 4 after ICA3... I realised that we have to get our short film done and edited before 10 Jan as that is the deadline for SIFF submission...

Then got another test coming up in week 8...

Not sure about Print, just finish the newspaper ICA1 like 30 mins ago... Not sure when ICA2 will jump out.


Why is this semester so bloody packed!!!


Somemore now i got a very serious sore throat, voice half gone, flu with a runny nose and a mild headache...

I hate being sick!!!

Especially when there is so much to be done...


ほんとにばかです!!!(You don't need to know what this means. :P)

Dying soon....

If there's a next post, means i still alive...

The Future, My Future?

I am actually kind of scared by the fact that i am going to graduate in about 1 and a half years time... By the fact that after i graduate, i will be entering the working society...

I am unsure about the future, my future.
I enjoyed what i am studying now but i don't know what i should venture in in the future.
The media market might be small but it's fragmented.
There are actually quite a number of choices which i can make.
I can even chose not to go into the media.

It's kind of good that i will be going for attachment next year. (Which is less then 5 months time.) At least i get to know if i will enjoy what i am facing in the future.

Was chatting on the phone with HL today about the future. She was asking me what do i want to do in the future. I am really unsure.
I do have dreams but i feel that my dreams clash with the reality. Or you can say 不切实际 in chinese.

I am confused. Seriously...

Haiz... Why am i confusing myself about things that cannot be certain. Who know if i might live to that time.

Guess it's best to concentrate about the present instead of the future. I shall take a step at a time. ~



Hi people!!!

I am looking out for people who like to act in a short film for a school project.
Below are the casting details.~

We are a group of Media Students from NYP and we are currently looking for actors, actresses and calefares for our upcoming short film.

This film would be entered in the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival Silver Screen Awards under the short film category. The Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) is an annual film event which screens about 300 films from over 45 countries. In other words, you would have an opportunity to act in a film that would be seen by many people from the film industry.

Our team would be touching on the life of a hermaphrodite, a person born with two sexual organs. We want to portray her life and let others know about more about the life hermaphrodites lead.

We want to be open about this production and let you know that we would not be providing any incentives for those acting in our film. Acting for this film is purely out of interest and passion for acting. No money would be paid for this production. What we can ensure you is a lifetime of experience and lots of exciting fun.

These are the characters we need:

Hayden (Main lead) – A hermaphrodite. Brought up as a female, but always had insecurities in her life. Her boyfriend leaves her after finding out about her condition, which leads her feeling depressed and troubled.

Nate (Hayden’s boyfriend)– Charming, good looking, disgusted after knowing that main lead is a hermaphrodite and leaves her.

(Please note that Hayden and Nate would have to act in a bed scene, but not to worry, we would ensure the best for both parties. Couples are welcomed to come and act together!)

Jade (Hayden’s best friend) – knows about Hayden’s condition. Is outgoing and friendly, and cares a lot for Hayden.

Hayden’s mother – never talks to her daughter about her medical condition (adult)

Drama Teacher – any adult!

Psychologist – provides listening ear to main.

Calefares – around 11-20 needed

Please send in your photos, acting experiences (if any) and contact details to (Any photo would do, really! Don’t be shy people!)

Feel free to ask any questions if you need any clarification and we would get back to you ASAP. Thank you so much for your participation and we look forward to be hearing from you soon!

P.S: Just send in your details and photos even if you think that you are not suitable for the main roles. We are in need of calefares too. XD


PhotoFunia Fun~

I was bored as i don't feel like doing work.
And hence...
I am hung on the wall~~ LOL~

From the wall to the ground~~

I like this picture but i don't like my pic in it... LOL~

I am being missed~ LOL~
Like real~

I am on VOGUE cover!!
One of my fav~


My fav out of the batch~

Colorful me~

All Credits to

Problem Solved?? + random stuff

Ok, i think i solve the problem of the main frame over lapping to the right after some trail and errors in the html codes which i don't really understand. Kind of increase the font size by one point to make to easier to read too.

Tell me, is my blog back to normal already?? Or does it still overlaps??

Or maybe just change browser...

Google chrome looks cool.

IE really is bad but i am still using it...


Well, it sucks but it still has everything...

Even if it somehow screwed up, i still got 3 other browsers which i can use.


I actually have 4 browsers installed in my laptop.



My name in Japanese:

ジョイス (Joyce) 

フォレンシャ (Forensia)

No Forest because i can't really find the best pronounciation for it in Japanese. XD


Is it just me or my blog alignment is out when viewed in IE???

Someone please tell me!!!


Joke of the day:

I got stuck and sprain my back when trying to get out of a jacket...
How dumb could i get. LOL~

The Coffin Movie Review

I never really like watching horror movies in the cinemas due to the amplified sound effects
and the super big screen.

The coffin was not as scary as i thought it would be.

It's not gory nor scary. More of shocking to me.

This is not the typical horror movie that scare you out of your wits but actually
a horror movie that just trying to relay a message. Which in this case, they are trying
to tell you not to change fate and just let things be let it should goes.

It's a bit confusing though, the two protagonists looks like they are experiencing
the after effects after the ritual of laying in the coffin in the same time frame
but in actual fact, it's a difference of five years.

What i don't like is that when ever you expect a bloody ghost to appear, it did not.
Cheat my feelings la. LOL~

Overall, i think that this movie is worth 3 out of 5 stars.
(Provided you understand what the movie is trying to say) :P

A Bloody Affair~

After a decision made so long ago, i finally put my thoughts into actions.

Hence after Japanese class today, i went alone to TFA where the blood donation drive
is being held. As i went there at 12 and i have a lesson at 1, i asked the person
whether it will take very long. I was actually half hoping that they tell me it will
take very long and then i will maybe go back tomorrow. However, i was told that
i should be able to make it in time and also as i have pre-registered, i have priority
and get to go first before many others. Hence, i fill up the form give, take my weight
and enter the room to go through a series of test before the actual thing.

I was given a cup of water to drink when i entered, supposed to finish it before donation.~

First stop is just normal registration and i was given a first time donor sticker.

Second stop is medical screening by a doctor, where my blood pressure is being taken
and questions asked.

Third stop is the blood test where it hurts though only for a while. They prick your
finger with some pin type needle, then they squeeze it so that the blood will
come up and collect it with a small tube. Then they drop the blood drops
in a beaker of blue chemical to test it. I saw the drop of blood floating in the blue chemical.

Fourth stop was the holding area where you will be asked whether
you want your left or right arm to be pierced. As i was used to
carrying my bag on my left so i decided on my right. Then you wait at
the area until there is a seat available.

I did not wait too long before there is a seat available, however seating down
on the seat while waiting for someone to attend to you is quite of an agony.
Cause everyone around you is already donating the blood, can see the
blood flow from the arm through the tube to the bag. One good thing is
that they give you a blanket as it was quite cold there.

While waiting in the seat, the person in front of me actually fainted in
the process and everyone rushed to attend to her. I was shocked la...
At that moment, i was telling myself that this will be my first and last time donating.

Soon after, someone attended to me, give me a brochure to read, give me
iron tablets to take one everyday. Then she rub some alcohol on the area
where the vein is, give me an injection which will make that part of the arm
go numb, then finally pierce the thicker then normal needle into my vein.
I did not look as i am afraid but to my surprise, it does not hurt at all.
Except for the normal needle. The needle to get the blood did not hurt at all.
I was also given this blood drop lookalike stress ball to squeeze onto during the process.

The whole process was actually quite quick... I had nothing to do and hence
i looked at my blood flowing into the bag and in about 10 minutes or
maybe lesser, the bag was full. I swear it's really quick~
After seeing my bag was full, someone came and remove the needle
from my arm and put a cotton on the wound and i have to go to another
seat and wait for someone to come and bandage my arm.
Meanwhile, the person who i saw fainted earlier woke and she look quite fine.
( i think she only faint for awhile) After i got my arm bandage, i went to have some refreshments provided and was also given a badge and a cert.

I did not feel giddy after the donation except maybe my limbs felt a bit shaky
due to the loss of blood. But other then that i am fine. I took back my thought
about this going to be my last donation. I think i will go donate again in future
since this first time was actually quite a good experience.
(First time matters alot eh XD)

I am very happy today cause i done something meaningful~
Donating 450 ml of blood is nothing harmful to your body as long as you
drink enough water to replenish the blood. It can help save lives and
you had nothing to lose, since you will get the blood back eventually
as you drink enough water. I am really glad that i finally went after saying
for so long that i wanted to donate blood.

Ok, i know it's no big deal donating blood since there's alot of people out there
who's a regular donor. But it is my first time and it's not easy taking the first
step as you never know what to expect.

Shall end off here, still have an insight paper to write`


Halloween 2008

How I spent my Halloween this year? ( Actually i never celebrate Halloween before. LOL!)

Well, this year I spent it at Media Corp where the whole of DMSM year 2 (actually just 2 classes) went to sit in for a recording of a channel 5 show. Shall not say what show it is since it is supposed to be a 'secret'. It's not easy being an audience though. You have to be very hyper throughout to make a good show but it's tiring if you have to do it many times. Nevertheless, it was fun.

Being at the recording was quite an 'eye opener' for me. Got to know many behind the scenes stuff that i will not know if i am just a TV audience. You might see just a few people in front of the TV screen, but as a live audience there, there are a lot of people involved to make the show work. It's really a hard job.

After the recording, some of us went for dinner and after that some of us went to enjoy the Halloween spirit. Saw a lot of people dressed up for the day and there's a lot of scream masks around. But then i saw one special one, the normal scream mask is white but this guy had a golden scream mask on. LOL~

Well in the end, i took the night rider home reached home at about 1 plus. Never had i reached home so late before. Lucky my mum did not nag too much. :P Haha~

Pictures below~~

The usual toilet shot~ XD

On the bus~

Gamer alert~




That's all for today!