A Bloody Affair~

After a decision made so long ago, i finally put my thoughts into actions.

Hence after Japanese class today, i went alone to TFA where the blood donation drive
is being held. As i went there at 12 and i have a lesson at 1, i asked the person
whether it will take very long. I was actually half hoping that they tell me it will
take very long and then i will maybe go back tomorrow. However, i was told that
i should be able to make it in time and also as i have pre-registered, i have priority
and get to go first before many others. Hence, i fill up the form give, take my weight
and enter the room to go through a series of test before the actual thing.

I was given a cup of water to drink when i entered, supposed to finish it before donation.~

First stop is just normal registration and i was given a first time donor sticker.

Second stop is medical screening by a doctor, where my blood pressure is being taken
and questions asked.

Third stop is the blood test where it hurts though only for a while. They prick your
finger with some pin type needle, then they squeeze it so that the blood will
come up and collect it with a small tube. Then they drop the blood drops
in a beaker of blue chemical to test it. I saw the drop of blood floating in the blue chemical.

Fourth stop was the holding area where you will be asked whether
you want your left or right arm to be pierced. As i was used to
carrying my bag on my left so i decided on my right. Then you wait at
the area until there is a seat available.

I did not wait too long before there is a seat available, however seating down
on the seat while waiting for someone to attend to you is quite of an agony.
Cause everyone around you is already donating the blood, can see the
blood flow from the arm through the tube to the bag. One good thing is
that they give you a blanket as it was quite cold there.

While waiting in the seat, the person in front of me actually fainted in
the process and everyone rushed to attend to her. I was shocked la...
At that moment, i was telling myself that this will be my first and last time donating.

Soon after, someone attended to me, give me a brochure to read, give me
iron tablets to take one everyday. Then she rub some alcohol on the area
where the vein is, give me an injection which will make that part of the arm
go numb, then finally pierce the thicker then normal needle into my vein.
I did not look as i am afraid but to my surprise, it does not hurt at all.
Except for the normal needle. The needle to get the blood did not hurt at all.
I was also given this blood drop lookalike stress ball to squeeze onto during the process.

The whole process was actually quite quick... I had nothing to do and hence
i looked at my blood flowing into the bag and in about 10 minutes or
maybe lesser, the bag was full. I swear it's really quick~
After seeing my bag was full, someone came and remove the needle
from my arm and put a cotton on the wound and i have to go to another
seat and wait for someone to come and bandage my arm.
Meanwhile, the person who i saw fainted earlier woke and she look quite fine.
( i think she only faint for awhile) After i got my arm bandage, i went to have some refreshments provided and was also given a badge and a cert.

I did not feel giddy after the donation except maybe my limbs felt a bit shaky
due to the loss of blood. But other then that i am fine. I took back my thought
about this going to be my last donation. I think i will go donate again in future
since this first time was actually quite a good experience.
(First time matters alot eh XD)

I am very happy today cause i done something meaningful~
Donating 450 ml of blood is nothing harmful to your body as long as you
drink enough water to replenish the blood. It can help save lives and
you had nothing to lose, since you will get the blood back eventually
as you drink enough water. I am really glad that i finally went after saying
for so long that i wanted to donate blood.

Ok, i know it's no big deal donating blood since there's alot of people out there
who's a regular donor. But it is my first time and it's not easy taking the first
step as you never know what to expect.

Shall end off here, still have an insight paper to write`


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