The Future, My Future?

I am actually kind of scared by the fact that i am going to graduate in about 1 and a half years time... By the fact that after i graduate, i will be entering the working society...

I am unsure about the future, my future.
I enjoyed what i am studying now but i don't know what i should venture in in the future.
The media market might be small but it's fragmented.
There are actually quite a number of choices which i can make.
I can even chose not to go into the media.

It's kind of good that i will be going for attachment next year. (Which is less then 5 months time.) At least i get to know if i will enjoy what i am facing in the future.

Was chatting on the phone with HL today about the future. She was asking me what do i want to do in the future. I am really unsure.
I do have dreams but i feel that my dreams clash with the reality. Or you can say 不切实际 in chinese.

I am confused. Seriously...

Haiz... Why am i confusing myself about things that cannot be certain. Who know if i might live to that time.

Guess it's best to concentrate about the present instead of the future. I shall take a step at a time. ~


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