Photography is fun~

I bet most of you guys seen the photos of my Pinkys. It's fun shooting those cute little darlings.

However, i got to realised that it's even better to shoot a real live model!! Offered to help Wendy to take some photos for her newly opened blogshop. Sadly, i did not bring my darling camera, 'Karmel'(new name for my camera XD) so i used my Syaq's camera instead.

It's really fun to do fashion photography especially when you take nice nice photos. Hahax~~ You get to decide how the model should pose and the various angles. (Being a fan of ANTM helped me alot to decide how the model should pose to bring out the clothes worn.) XD

Although some times you got to lie on the grass or the dirty ground to get a good shot. It's totally worth it when you get a good picture. XD

Ok, enough talk.
Pictures time~

It's all embeded with my friend blogshop logo la, cause i lazy to photoshop another set without the logo. LOL~ Only minor editing done, i merely auto- curved it. Cause the pictures are all very nice already. Hee~

What do you think of the pictures? Not bad for a first timer like me right?
Hopefully there's another shoot coming soon next week and i shall use my 'Karmel' for the shoot. XD Hee~
Do visit my friend's blogshop if you caught an eye on any of those pretty clothes.

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