I seriously hate it when i am sick for long periods...
Cause i will feel super tired regardless.

Worked at Sitex during the weekends.
All i can say is that the promoters there are more than the people going to the show.


There might be another photoshoot on wed for Wendy's blogshop~
It's going to be tedious but fun~ XD
Will try my best to take nicer pics~ XD
Was thinking of bringing one of my pinkys out for the shoot too~
Hee! XD

There's a test coming up on thursday...
Haven study yet... Haiz~
Don't feel like studying actually~

Japanese oral coming up next week too.
On tues morning, and in the afternoon, there's presentation for IMC...

Not forgetting ICA3 submission this fri for IP...
And ICA3 for entre coming up...


This post is like bits and pieces...
But i don't care~
Anyways, it's my blog~

LOL~~~Another bit...

Can't blame me...

I am never in the right state of mind when i am sick...



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