Dead Fish as fertilizers...

I am totally disgusted by what my neighbors done.

Dead Fish as fertilizers....

These poor fish, dead also can't die in peace.
Left out in the open to rot...

Some more they gave out a horrible stench and the stupid pot is like just outside my house the window.

**** *** ****

I am utterly disgusted by the sight of rotting fish just outside my house.

How horrible~

Yummy treats for my pinkys~

Yummy food~~ Kawaii~~~


*No one is looking at me right? Time to eat!!*

*Wa, the food looks good~What's on the menu today??? Lalala~*

*Reading the menu*

Playing around with my camera~~

Focus on the pineapple juice

Focus on Mikimiki and the food~

Black and White~


Ok, that's the end of the post~
Rmb to comment on my pictures~ XD


HSM3 Movie Review

So i went to the Gala Premiere of HSM3 last Sunday and got to watch the movie 5 days early then most people~ Haha~

Ok, here's my review on the movie:

I think that it's better than the previous 2 movies as it is more meaningful. Mainly due to the 'graduation' theme. I like the starting of the movie, i like every single second of the movie. I especially like the stage prom part, the garage part, the roof top dance part, the show at the end, literally every part of the movie. There's not a boring second in this movie and i am serious about this. I want to watch it again la~ It's really awesome!!!

Another thing about this movie is that you can relate to it. Because the characters are all going to graduate soon and are faced with decisions of their future, where they want to go etc. It's sad that they all have to be separated though, but that's the way of life~

I like the ending too~~ Haha~

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat~~~

My ratings is 4 out of 5 stars~~

Go watch it even if you did not watch the previous 2 movies~


BUSY!!! (Rantings)

School this semester is crazy!!!

Just in the middle of week 2 then got so many ICAs and assignments to do!!!
And the time given is like so little!!!


Going crazy soon!!!


Is like all the heavy modules this semester la...

Or maybe because the lecturers all conspired to give us all the ICAs in the first 2 weeks...

At least there is actually one that i kind of look forward to, which is integrated projects. My group will be doing a short film!! I am quite excited about it~ XD

But i don't looking forward to IMC ICA1, simply because it's a individual assignment which requires a report with minimum 8 pages...... Can go crazy lor... At least pair better, can split up the work... But then when you go out in the real working work... You still have to write reports alone.


Japanese lesson is ok, nice lecturer but Syafiqah's and YM's lecturer sounds more fun~
But then, have to memorize all the hiragana by next week's lesson...
Can die~
But ok la, i memorize at least three quater liao~ Haha~


Haiz, very tired liao...


Pinkys are loved~~

Bought more Pinkys recently. They are just too adorable!!!
Had fun taking pictures of them too!! XD

Rui-Chan~~ The tomboy looking pinky~~





Next up is Chiyo-Chan~
She's from the newer series and hence does not have a name yet. So i shall decided to name her Chiyo~ Cute name for cute pinky~ XD

This is my fav photo of the batch~~




This is also from the same series as Chiyo-chan and i have decided to name her Chiaki-chan~~
Love Chiaki-chan's hair and eyes!! So pretty!!!





I want to buy more pinkys, but broke liao~ Haha~
Ok, that's all for today~


My secondary graduation day was held at the same day as my prom night on the 23 november 2006. It was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and our school was in one of the biggest ballroom. Me and my fellow schoolmates were all super excited about the night.

When we reached there, we we welcomed by smiling teachers that we once shared a love-hate relationship with. We all got a small door gift and a lucky draw number and then we enter the ballroom already filled up with people. Starting were all the usual talks by principals( ex and current) and performance by our own school band. We also had a peagent to see who's the prettiest and most handsome of the night.

Then it was the start of the buffet. The staff emphasise on lady's first but concerning food, the guys don't mind being ladys either. The food was great that i had 2 servings. XD During eating, i went around taking photos with my best friends, chatting with the teachers. The lucky draw is held in between as there are consolation prize like badminton rackets, chocolates and wallets. The best prize was $300 Takashimaya vouchers and Ipod nano. Both won by 2 of my classmates from sec 1 & 2. I won someting too, 3 eng wah movie vouchers. My last gift from the school i spent the most precious four years in. XD

The night was end off with opening of the dance floor. Too bad i don't know how to dance. :P

It was realy a very memorable day, having graduation and prom together. A day i think i will never forget.

Soon, in about 1 and a half years more, i will be graduating yet again from poly. I hope that it will be yet another memorable day in my life like that graduation i had in secondary.

Catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas from October 24!

Time to get serious~

Semester 2 of year 2 starting soon~

Got to work hard for this semester due to the results last semester which i am totally disappointed with... Also, this is the last semester for me be able to pull up my GPA by studying... Year 3 onwards will be hands on. So no choice, have to be serious liao...

Well, at least there is something to look forward, like i mentioned before, i am going to take Japanese as my elective. XD I guess i will be able to enjoy the lessons, too bad there's only one lesson per week...

Another module which seems interesting is integrated projects~ Will be doing one project for the whole of the module. Sounds quite interesting~

Again, there are going to be four examinable modules this coming semester... Something i don't look forward to... LOL~ But it's good to know that it will be the last four exams of my poly life. Haha~

There will be night classes on monday this coming semester. Quite ok la, at least don't have to wake up very early the next day... LOL~

Shall end here today... Don't know what else to blog about. Haha~


My new lovelys~

First up, something that i have been wanting for a very long time!!!

YES!!! It's my very first digital camera!!! Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS. It's a new model in the market!!! I super love the results it gave la. The 3 inch LCD screen super nice!!! I got the gold one, nice right?? Hehe XD It's so classy looking la. I am loving it!!! ( Although i burnt a big hole in my pocket. LOL)

I am sure you all want to see the quality of the pictures taken by my new camera right?
Sure, and i will also introduce my other lovelys.
Pinky Street Dolls!!!
They are super cute!!!!

(Pictures of Pinkys below are all taken with Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS)

Introducing Hana-chan~~~





Not forgetting Mikimiki-chan~





Pictures of the 2 of them together~~






*Holding hands* So Sweet!!! XD

Hehe, the picture nice right?? XD
I want more pinkys!!! XD

Ok, that's all today! Expect me to post more pictures from now on since i got my lovely camera!


I got Japanese as my elective next semester!!!!


Been wanting to learn japanese for the longest time... Have done a bit of self-studying before but being the lazy bum i am, i only managed the very basics...

It's great to be able to learn the language in a proper manner. YAY!!!!

I am so happy!!!

To MS0702 ppl: Go and check your elective now if you had not at CMS now!!!