Time to get serious~

Semester 2 of year 2 starting soon~

Got to work hard for this semester due to the results last semester which i am totally disappointed with... Also, this is the last semester for me be able to pull up my GPA by studying... Year 3 onwards will be hands on. So no choice, have to be serious liao...

Well, at least there is something to look forward, like i mentioned before, i am going to take Japanese as my elective. XD I guess i will be able to enjoy the lessons, too bad there's only one lesson per week...

Another module which seems interesting is integrated projects~ Will be doing one project for the whole of the module. Sounds quite interesting~

Again, there are going to be four examinable modules this coming semester... Something i don't look forward to... LOL~ But it's good to know that it will be the last four exams of my poly life. Haha~

There will be night classes on monday this coming semester. Quite ok la, at least don't have to wake up very early the next day... LOL~

Shall end here today... Don't know what else to blog about. Haha~


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