BUSY!!! (Rantings)

School this semester is crazy!!!

Just in the middle of week 2 then got so many ICAs and assignments to do!!!
And the time given is like so little!!!


Going crazy soon!!!


Is like all the heavy modules this semester la...

Or maybe because the lecturers all conspired to give us all the ICAs in the first 2 weeks...

At least there is actually one that i kind of look forward to, which is integrated projects. My group will be doing a short film!! I am quite excited about it~ XD

But i don't looking forward to IMC ICA1, simply because it's a individual assignment which requires a report with minimum 8 pages...... Can go crazy lor... At least pair better, can split up the work... But then when you go out in the real working work... You still have to write reports alone.


Japanese lesson is ok, nice lecturer but Syafiqah's and YM's lecturer sounds more fun~
But then, have to memorize all the hiragana by next week's lesson...
Can die~
But ok la, i memorize at least three quater liao~ Haha~


Haiz, very tired liao...


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