Tons of work to do...

The two week term break is coming to an end...
I am only able to rest for one or two days for the first week and for the second week, it's taken up by filming and editing for the short film that i am doing for IP.
At least i got to go out on christmas day.

Well, filming is over and we edited about half the film le.
Still got loads of work to do though.
Not mentioning 5 other ICAs pending other then IP.

OK, wanted to post some pictures taken during christmas day but blogger seem to have some problems. So, next time ba. Or you can just hop on to my facebook if you want to take a look at those pictures.



The Christmas party yesterday was fun, enjoyed myself there. Shall let the pictures do the talking~ XD

People dressed up according to theme.
Vogue, Paranoid, Opposite of OME, School Girl, The Sushi King

The Best Dresses finalists

Counting of the votes~

Best dressed female: Virgin Bride (Her's names Audrey if i am not wrong)

Best dressed male?????: TypicalBen ( I seriously did not know that he was a male until he went upstage. To be honest, he actually look prettier then some girls. So jealous. LOL~)


White Christmas Tree near the bar. I like. XD


Two masked men, one in shades and one vintage guy. LOL~

Mr Vendetta in DXO~


HongPeng as Ordinary Person. LOL~


Me and Sortie who's Paige from Charmed.


Mr Vendetta again~ The person behind that mask is vveijie~


Sheylara the tooth fairy~


Nadnut the school teacher~


TypicalBen who's really quite pretty. LOL~


With Randall who's the host of the night~


The Virgin Bride who's really cute~


Venus the Goddess~


Estee who's really nice and friendly~


With Boss Ming~


Ice Angel/Esther


With one of the nuffies whose name i know but not sure how to spell. :P
She's nice and pretty~

Some of the nuffies that i caught on camera~


Goodies i got~

Lastly, i shall end of the post with a video~

I'm invited!!

I am invited to the Nuffnang's upcoming christmas party on the 20th dec.
Did not really expect myself to be invited though even though i secretly hope i will. Haha.

Guess my belief in quality is better then quantity works just nice.


Now, the thing to be headache about is what to dress up as...

The secret letter i got is 'P'.

Any ideas???

To other bloggers out there going for the invites, hope to see you all around during the party. XD


Causal Photoshoot~

Asked my friend over to my house for a casual photo shoot to practice my photography skills.
Wanted to do outdoor shoot de, but it started raining so we have to make do with the lobby outside my house and certain corners of my house.

Hence, please pardon the not so nice background for some pictures. Hee! XD

Photography, make up and styling by me, Forensia~ (Decided to use Forensia for any photography related things.)

Ok, time for the photos.

All taken by my Karmel, Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS
No editing done except for insertion of credits and text.



One of my faves~




Mirror pics~~~








My favorite out of the batch~




A little story~~~
IMG_1457 copy




Nice right? XD
Feel free to comment on my photography skills~


Ad for my friend~~~

Below is an ad for my friend's blogshop.
If you are interested in getting a mini hair curler to play with. You can consider placing orders with her. XD
Closing: 30/12/08 23:59 hours
Cap: 4/20
Send your Orders(Subject: Mini Hair Curler) to:

With details as stated : -
Mailing Address:
Postal Code:
Contact No.:
Bank Type/ Bank Account No.:
Mode of Collection:
Total Cost:

How to use:
  • After putting in the batteries, switch to ON and let it heat for about 30 seconds.
  • Press the clip to lift the plastic top up and roll your hair around the heated metal.
  • Release the plastic top and let the curler stay there for 20 seconds.
  • After that, slowly slide the curler down your hair.
  • There you have, beautiful Curled hair. Spray hardening hair spray on the curled hair and it will last for the whole day!
Benefits:- Portable- Weight: 40g- Power: 4 AA Batteries
- Size: 17.7cm ?3cm ?3.7cm
Price: SGD 8.00

vPOST makes me v(ERY)...

vPOST makes me v(ERY)



Because it's collaborating with Nuffnang to bring forth the very first blogger christmas party!!!

But why relieved??

Of all the projects and assignments and tests that i have to handle with, a christmas party looks like a bright light at the very end of a dark tunnel.

It would be nice to leave all those projects behind and take a breather celebrating christmas with fellow bloggers. XD ( Provided that i am invited to the party :P)

It would really be nice if i get to attend the party. I had never really celebrated christmas before except for a few family gathering when i was young. Also, it sounds really fun that it's also a dress-up party at the same time. XD

Imagine the different pictures i can take of the people there, all dressing up to the theme provided. XD

I bet the party will be a blast and really hope i can be part of it. XD

P.S: This will be my one and only "vPOST makes me v(ERY)" post as i personally believe in quality over quantity. XD


I am pissed off by alot of things... I meant everything that's happening around me these days...

None have seen the volcano erupt...

But those who knew me long enough seen it...

It's another of those rare times again...

Not yet though...

Just don't go too far...

And it won't happen...

But when it does...

Don't blame me...

I mean it...


I seriously hate it when i am sick for long periods...
Cause i will feel super tired regardless.

Worked at Sitex during the weekends.
All i can say is that the promoters there are more than the people going to the show.


There might be another photoshoot on wed for Wendy's blogshop~
It's going to be tedious but fun~ XD
Will try my best to take nicer pics~ XD
Was thinking of bringing one of my pinkys out for the shoot too~
Hee! XD

There's a test coming up on thursday...
Haven study yet... Haiz~
Don't feel like studying actually~

Japanese oral coming up next week too.
On tues morning, and in the afternoon, there's presentation for IMC...

Not forgetting ICA3 submission this fri for IP...
And ICA3 for entre coming up...


This post is like bits and pieces...
But i don't care~
Anyways, it's my blog~

LOL~~~Another bit...

Can't blame me...

I am never in the right state of mind when i am sick...



Photography is fun~

I bet most of you guys seen the photos of my Pinkys. It's fun shooting those cute little darlings.

However, i got to realised that it's even better to shoot a real live model!! Offered to help Wendy to take some photos for her newly opened blogshop. Sadly, i did not bring my darling camera, 'Karmel'(new name for my camera XD) so i used my Syaq's camera instead.

It's really fun to do fashion photography especially when you take nice nice photos. Hahax~~ You get to decide how the model should pose and the various angles. (Being a fan of ANTM helped me alot to decide how the model should pose to bring out the clothes worn.) XD

Although some times you got to lie on the grass or the dirty ground to get a good shot. It's totally worth it when you get a good picture. XD

Ok, enough talk.
Pictures time~

It's all embeded with my friend blogshop logo la, cause i lazy to photoshop another set without the logo. LOL~ Only minor editing done, i merely auto- curved it. Cause the pictures are all very nice already. Hee~

What do you think of the pictures? Not bad for a first timer like me right?
Hopefully there's another shoot coming soon next week and i shall use my 'Karmel' for the shoot. XD Hee~
Do visit my friend's blogshop if you caught an eye on any of those pretty clothes.