Went to watch 881 with my mum yesterday.
It was really a nice show with the singapore flavour in it.
It was funny, lame and touching.
It was much better then what i expected.
The costumes of the singers were really striking.
The ending was sad, small papaya died...But still,she comes back every 7th month to sing with big papaya.
I actually cried near the ending...
If i were to rate it...
I think i'll give a 4/5.

~Support Local Productions~HAHAX!!!



Chalet and the Hols!!!

22nd August 2007
MS0702 first class chalet

After the BM0620 paper, syafifi,liana,raudha and me rush to the chalet first by taking a cab. Purpose is to finish up the decorations for the birthday celebrations and to prepare the food for the BBQ. Reach there at about 3 and then we start with the food preparations first. Fast forward to around 4 plus when the rest of the class are expected to arrived. The 5 of us, including liana's boyfriend was getting prepared to give the rest a warm welcome with poppers. Thomson arrived first giving us a scare, cause he's one of the b'dae babies. Anyway, it was real funny when the rest ofthe class arrived, liana's bf answered the door telling them they got the wrong place and then close the door, then open it again with Mj coming in first but Mj in the fun so we pop the poppers at the rest, YM got poped at the most.LOL.
Fast forward again...
Sadly, we did not get to play the games that me and syafifi planned, maybe save them for next them. :P
Went cycling with the guys, thomson, MJ1 and 2 and hendrick. The bikes were not really comfy but it's ok for me since i am a girl,lol... I pity the guys. Must be very uncomfortable for them...We rode for quite a long distance and back. Then Mjs, ida and me went to the sea.At first we just went in to soak our legs, then we start splashing at each other, then i lost my balance and got myself wet so i start on to make the rest all wet too.In the end the four of us just relax by sitting in the sea. Kind of wet the floor when we went back to the chalet.Hehe, kind of feel bad towards syafifi, cause she's the one who mop up.
Fast forward once more...
Later the rest went to watch a horror, gory movie which i did not join in cause i dun like gory images.Went in and chat with Jennifer in the room and was joined by some others. Then, it was 10pm and me and some others got ready to go home.Took the last shuttle bus and then took bus 39 home with Hendrick, Olivia, Ana and her bf.

~Ok that shall be everything bout the chalet, it was fun, but i bet the next will be better!~

Holidays arrived finally!!!!My mum want me to find a job, i am not so enthu about it...Cause it's not easy to find a job in this month...But i want money to buy a lot of things!!!Haiz... I think i will spent my hols working on my stories ba...

WOW, this is a long entry...Haha, very long never write so much le...Shall end here today ba..:)

For ana and syafifi

Syaffi, here u go:

1.You are so huggable!!!
2.Kiss sean on the cheek during the chalet!!
3.rainbow, so colourful
4.You are just so nice!!!
5.Eh, i dun really rmb...Hehe, got SSTM(super short term memory)
6.a cute bear!!
7.Hmm, dunno wat to ask...

Here's ana:
1.You love cats!!!
2.Eh, ermm, do smth u never dared to do b4??
3.Pastel colours, you are so gentle.
4.U are so pretty!!
5.Hmm, sry SSTM again...
6.A cat, because u just love them.
7.Hmm, too personal to be up here.

For Ida...

1. Ida is so skinny!!
2.I challenge u to eat 2 servings of food at one go.
3.Black, since u like black bags.
4.You are a fellow NANA fan!
5.I thot u are a chinese.
6. Hmm, animal....ermm human?? HAHA!!
7.Hmm, duno wat to ask la...Keep that to next time.Hehe!!

Post one about me on ur blog too!!!


Have quite alot of inspirations these days, so i am now back to writing.Well, i am not working on my stories that have been left hanging but am starting on a brand new story but sorry folks, it's in Chinese so not all of u can read it. Anyway, this new story that i am currently working on is mainly about love,hatred and revenge.But somehow i have a feeling that halfway through, this story will be left hanging too.Hahax!!!Hope not though, i would love to have one complete story.

I should go and mug instead of writing though, exams are approaching...
Chalet also approaching!!!I have many evil plans!!!Muahahaha!!!!

I Dare You!!!

If you comment on this post,
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a colour that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory about you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. You must post this on yours.

Got this from ana. Dun you think its kind of fun??

Come on dare me!


Rules of the game:Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

1)I cannot live without books!!!

2)I love Danson Tang Yu Zhe!!!

3)Friends are the most important people in my life!!!

4)I love to be lame and make people laugh!!!

5)I love singing alot!!!

6)I am obessed minesweeper!!!!

7)I indulge in my own realm of fantasy every night....

8)I eat alot and get fat at the same time! LOL

9)I love to collect anything that is cute especially Hello Kitty stuff!!!

10)I like to play with my hair when i am bored!

I tag:

1)Bingyun the penguin pig

2)Ida, my fellow NANA fan

3)MJ,who's so fun to poke

4)Sortie, who i love to bully

5)All of MS0702

6)You who are reading this post but not in the list above.

Meow Productions

Finally, another presentation done...
Although we screwed up the stupid report...
I think that we done quite ok for the presentation all except the Q&A session...
Well, i guess it's ok...
At least we have already done our best.
And i am quite satisfied with mine own performance cause i think i done quite ok...Din stumbled alot...Talk abit too fast though...
If only we can help one another for the Q&A session...
At least it's over and that's an important fact.
One more presentation for scriptwriting and we can be free of presentations for at least one month...

~I longed for something...~

[MV] Danson Tang 唐禹哲 - Love Me 愛我

Danson is just so cool in this MV. His voice very nice also!!!

Medialicious Inc

Had the ICA4 presentation for the creativity module today. Was not really prepared though, cause i just seen the powerpoint presentation about 1 hour before the presentation. Luckily, my part was not really long so i did actually say everything i am supposed too and managed not to stumble on my words. The Q&A session is quite ok though, Ms Soo din really ask us difficult questions compared to the other groups. :P
Well, i felt quite bad though...Din really do much for the presentation and the concept paper. Haikal done most of the work... It's really fortunate to have him as a group leader.
On the whole, i think that our group actually did quite well. We were just nice in timing wise and we did managed the Q&A too. But maybe for the mockup part, we din really do well....Only have 2 mock posters and a storyboard.All done by Haikal again...
Thanks Haikal, you are really a good member to have. Sorry for not doing much though.

The vicious life cycle...

What actually do humans live for???
Why do we exists in the first place???
Would we go extinct like the dinosaurs and let some other living being that is not humans dig out our bones and prove that humans once roamed the earth???
Or maybe humans will disappear with the destruction of earth one day???
Why would the earth be destroyed you may ask...
It's very simple, the answer is us humans.
We cut down trees for paper or make way for construction.
We burned down forests for land space for the ever-increasingly population polluting the air and at the same time making the hole in the ozone layers grow bigger and bigger each day...

Being selfish is human nature. One can be selfish in many ways. Being care to others and sharing your happiness does not mean that you are not selfish. You are selfish if you don't care about the environment. One may looked like they cared, but deep down, are they really caring for the environment or just putting up an act??

Who knows??

So why do we live?
When we are just a baby, we do nothing except eat, play,shit and sleep.
When we are kids before the age of 4, we still eat, play,shit and sleep.
When we are aged 5 onwards, we still eat,play,shit and sleep but then we have to start studying.
After we studied like for 15 to 18 years or even more then that if you want a PHD or something, we shall start working.
We will then work until we retired and will go back to eat,play(enjoy life),shit and sleep.
When we are too old to even walk, we shall then wait for the day where our lives end.
In this process, we might add on to the populations and they will start on the exact same cycle.
We might even end our lives earlier in the mist of the cycle if we are too stressed out or just tired of living in this world...

The existence of humans may brought about alot of changes to earth which is beneficial but in fact, we brought about more damages.

I am a nature lover and am sad to see the nature world gone to make way for humans. My favourite past time when i was young was to read about the 7 wonders of the world. I am always impressed by them even though they are actually man-made. Yet, they looked like they belong to Mother nature. It's sad to know that some of the wonders are gone and is now replaced by places that are impressive too but not just as good as the ones in the past.
Why are they gone??
Earthquakes and fires... Do any human factor contributes to the loss of these wonders? No one knows...

For years, the vicious life cycle repeats itself...
But it is bound to end one day...

It's done!!!

Finally, we finished editing the video for ICA4 on tues. We managed to finished editing and rendering at about one hour before the deadline. We are like the first group to finish due to the reasons that we did not add in effects, just added some music only. Then after i am done with my own video, i went around watching other's videos. Well, i have to say that my group's not the best but we do have some good actors. XD
Anyway, those who are interested in watching the video can go to my multiply site to watch it. XD

Oh yar, had my very first formal presentation on tues too...It din went really well though, cause i am having a flu and sore throat...Somemore, i dun really like to wear formal clothes as in business formal la...It jus does not suit me... Haiz... Hope that the reat of my presentations will go well...