For ana and syafifi

Syaffi, here u go:

1.You are so huggable!!!
2.Kiss sean on the cheek during the chalet!!
3.rainbow, so colourful
4.You are just so nice!!!
5.Eh, i dun really rmb...Hehe, got SSTM(super short term memory)
6.a cute bear!!
7.Hmm, dunno wat to ask...

Here's ana:
1.You love cats!!!
2.Eh, ermm, do smth u never dared to do b4??
3.Pastel colours, you are so gentle.
4.U are so pretty!!
5.Hmm, sry SSTM again...
6.A cat, because u just love them.
7.Hmm, too personal to be up here.

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