Chalet and the Hols!!!

22nd August 2007
MS0702 first class chalet

After the BM0620 paper, syafifi,liana,raudha and me rush to the chalet first by taking a cab. Purpose is to finish up the decorations for the birthday celebrations and to prepare the food for the BBQ. Reach there at about 3 and then we start with the food preparations first. Fast forward to around 4 plus when the rest of the class are expected to arrived. The 5 of us, including liana's boyfriend was getting prepared to give the rest a warm welcome with poppers. Thomson arrived first giving us a scare, cause he's one of the b'dae babies. Anyway, it was real funny when the rest ofthe class arrived, liana's bf answered the door telling them they got the wrong place and then close the door, then open it again with Mj coming in first but Mj in the fun so we pop the poppers at the rest, YM got poped at the most.LOL.
Fast forward again...
Sadly, we did not get to play the games that me and syafifi planned, maybe save them for next them. :P
Went cycling with the guys, thomson, MJ1 and 2 and hendrick. The bikes were not really comfy but it's ok for me since i am a girl,lol... I pity the guys. Must be very uncomfortable for them...We rode for quite a long distance and back. Then Mjs, ida and me went to the sea.At first we just went in to soak our legs, then we start splashing at each other, then i lost my balance and got myself wet so i start on to make the rest all wet too.In the end the four of us just relax by sitting in the sea. Kind of wet the floor when we went back to the chalet.Hehe, kind of feel bad towards syafifi, cause she's the one who mop up.
Fast forward once more...
Later the rest went to watch a horror, gory movie which i did not join in cause i dun like gory images.Went in and chat with Jennifer in the room and was joined by some others. Then, it was 10pm and me and some others got ready to go home.Took the last shuttle bus and then took bus 39 home with Hendrick, Olivia, Ana and her bf.

~Ok that shall be everything bout the chalet, it was fun, but i bet the next will be better!~

Holidays arrived finally!!!!My mum want me to find a job, i am not so enthu about it...Cause it's not easy to find a job in this month...But i want money to buy a lot of things!!!Haiz... I think i will spent my hols working on my stories ba...

WOW, this is a long entry...Haha, very long never write so much le...Shall end here today ba..:)

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