It's done!!!

Finally, we finished editing the video for ICA4 on tues. We managed to finished editing and rendering at about one hour before the deadline. We are like the first group to finish due to the reasons that we did not add in effects, just added some music only. Then after i am done with my own video, i went around watching other's videos. Well, i have to say that my group's not the best but we do have some good actors. XD
Anyway, those who are interested in watching the video can go to my multiply site to watch it. XD

Oh yar, had my very first formal presentation on tues too...It din went really well though, cause i am having a flu and sore throat...Somemore, i dun really like to wear formal clothes as in business formal la...It jus does not suit me... Haiz... Hope that the reat of my presentations will go well...

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