ICA 4 filming

Filming is finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, we still have editing but at least the worse is over.
Well, we have two days for the filming and the atmosphere for both days were totally different.

For the first day, we were totally stressed up as we as we are worried that some of the actors will back out last minute. Luckily, we have our actors but then the stress level is already up high...Our actors can only come at 3 when we started at 2. So, we had to do the voice overs first since the guy as the main character came at 2.All was ok but our mood was worsen by finding out that our choice of location for filming is not suitable as the sounds from the surroundings are too loud. We went to our second choice of location, an open air corridor, supposedly to be quiet and nice...But to our horror, dark clouds float by and stopped right above us...The wind was blowing furiously.It was going to rain and the sound the wind was making is horrible.Nearly made me went deaf when i listen to it through the earphones.We had no choice but to go indoor which is the best place we could find with the least noise and have good lighting. Managed to finish the scene after what seem like eternity.But that's not all... We still have another scene to do...The classroom scene... Managed to get a few shots before its time for us to return the equipments...

Second day...
We were not as stressed up as the first day, since we only left with one scene and a shot. Things went more smoothly compared to the first day but there are problems too. The classroom that we used were occupied by a class and the others were locked. Luckily, we managed to get a classroom with the exact same setting as the one we used on the first day.Thanks to the DA students for letting us use the class room for filming. Things went quite smoothly until the battery went out...Then i realised that we got the so called cursed battery that the seniors told us not to take if there's a choice...OMG!!!Count on our luck to get that battery...Luckily, we got supporting batteries but they can only last for less than an hour...So we have got to hurry up... We went on with the filming till we realised that our last battery is going to run out soon...So i asked one of my grp members to borrow from other grps... Luckily, one grp lent us a battery and we are able to carry on our filming. The best thing is we managed to finished before the time is up. It was great to be done.

I would really like to thank all our talents who's willing to act in our production. We won't be able to do anything without them. Also, thanks to the DA students for sharing the classroom with us. And also to ana's grp who lent us the battery. Lastly, i thanks my grp members for doing such a great job. You guys are great.
I shall now hope that all will go smoothly during editing... Because, editing is the most important process of a production. Let's hope everything will goes well...

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