In Sch

Lol, i am currently blogging from my laptop.Still in sch now.Din managed to go out yesterday as everyone's busy.Nevermind since they all promised me a present each.Hahax!!Anyway, thanks to all those who sent me an sms wishing me happy birthday and to those who had already gave me presents.XD


Three more days to my birthday!!!Really looking forward to it.Will be going out with BY,HL and SB.Miss them alot, although just saw them quite recently.LOL.
Something stupid happened today.We were at the comp lab doing some assignment the teacher asked us to do.Halfway through, the whole lab blacked out and all our work gone.None saved their work sadly.Then we waited for the power to come back and when it did, the comps can't be switch on.It's so dumb lor.In this end, most of us went to the library to use the comps there to do the assignment as we have to send it to the teacher by 6 in the evening.
Shall blog till here today.XD

Great Bargain+fun day in sch

Got a great bargain today.Bought a 1GB thumbdrive for merely $18!!! I know $18 is already alot, but a 1GB thumbdrive selling for this price is like super cheap la.

One of the lessons today was super fun la.We were told to take the video cam around the campus and try a the various shots that we learnt the previous day.It's like 4 people to one cam so everyone got a chance to be camera man.It's really fun la.We went around filming people and ourselves and most of the time we do crappy stuff.By crappy, i mean very very lame stuff, super lame stuff.It's like when we have to do close-up shots, we make funny faces and stuff.I am really looking forward to next week's lesson when we will be watching the videos we filmed today.

Count down

7 days more to my 17th birthday!!!Time really flies...Haiz...Getting older each day...Hope i can get many presents this year.Lol.Hahax!!

Awaiting the special day...


The latest chapters of NANA are finally out after a long wait!!!I downloaded it almost immediately when i saw that it is up.But the stupid sendspace refuses to let me d/l chapter 66. X_X
In the end i d/l using BT but its so much slower...Nevermind, i have already finish reading it.Lol.
NANA2 movie is coming to be in theatres soon in i think 14 june if i am not wrong.I just can't wait to watch it!!
Miss the good old days where i will be discussing NANA with sarah in class after we both read it.Haiz...Nevermind, one of my classmates is a NANA fan like me.So i am still able to talk about NANA with someone.^ _^


I am now blogging from my newly bought laptop!!!Comes with a webcam too...So cool right.Hahax!!
Haiz, but now i declare bankrupt le... No more money liao...Cause it is my own money that i use to buy this laptop.Nevertheless, i am still happy!!!Dunnid to see my bro's face if i want use com in future le.LOLS!!!Since now i have my very own laptop.Hahax!!But now cannot type chinese and stuff yet...Still have to rely on my bro to help me...Haiz...
Shall blog till here today...Battery going flat soon.

First Day of poly life...

School has finally started for me...Had 2 lessons today but we din really go about learning anything yet as what we done today was introduction..As in the lecturers introduce to us about the various modules that they are going to teach us.So we din really do much today.

Met SB after school to go back to anderson to collect our 'o' levels cert...We really do miss the good old days in anderson...Ah,those good old times...Met some teachers at the office while collecting our cert...I really miss anderson...

A new chapter in my life has already began...It's time for me to put down the past and look ahead...

Orientation Day 2

Day 2 of orientation was really fun compared to day 1. The OGLs are right about it.It's like the whole day is filled with fun games.Except that due to the rain we are unable to play certain games which are all wet games.We did play one wet game though but that game din really let us got wet.Then the OGLs let us have mass water bombing and that was fun.We jus grab the water bombs and threw it at any random ppl.It was fun getting wet.LoL!!Then we had a Mr and Ms Freshie contest and also some performance by our fellow freshies as an ending to the whole orientation.
My class bonded very well during the orientation too.MS0702 Rocks!!!

Orientation day 1


First day of orientation today.My class is MS0702.Actually there are only two classes taking media studies.Total got 50++ students.My class consists of 24 people including me.16 girls and 8 boys.First few hours consists of talks, doing of cheers and there's this performance by a band of SBM named peanut butter jelly.The 2 singers really did sing well.Then we had lunch and then a tour around the sch.We went to the block where we will be having lessons.Then got tour the library also.Then is mass dance before library tour.The dance is like lame la.Then, we went to one corner of the sch to discuss class cheer.After that we went to some other place to play ice breaker games...Then debrief and then go home.The OGLs promised us that tmr will be a fun day compared to today.Hope that what they say is true.


Went to JB with my mum and her friend today.Bought a new pair of sports shoes for the new school semester.It's black and pink in colour...Quite cool right??Hahax!!
Oh, i also bought 3 posters and some yuzhe cards today!!!So happy!!!
Also, as i am a very nice person(LOL),one of the posters and 3 of the cards is i help my dear "penguinpig"BY buy de.See i so nice.Hahax!!!

Did manicure today!!It's my first time and it's my mum's friend's treat!!Now my nails are very nice!!
Too bad my phone can't transfer pics to the com or else i will certainly post pics of my nails and the stuff i bought today.
Nevermind, going to change phone in september le.I will chose one with a good camera and has the function which allows me to transfer pics to the com.An mp3 function is not needed since i had a mp3 player le.Hahax!!