Great Bargain+fun day in sch

Got a great bargain today.Bought a 1GB thumbdrive for merely $18!!! I know $18 is already alot, but a 1GB thumbdrive selling for this price is like super cheap la.

One of the lessons today was super fun la.We were told to take the video cam around the campus and try a the various shots that we learnt the previous day.It's like 4 people to one cam so everyone got a chance to be camera man.It's really fun la.We went around filming people and ourselves and most of the time we do crappy stuff.By crappy, i mean very very lame stuff, super lame stuff.It's like when we have to do close-up shots, we make funny faces and stuff.I am really looking forward to next week's lesson when we will be watching the videos we filmed today.

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