Went to JB with my mum and her friend today.Bought a new pair of sports shoes for the new school semester.It's black and pink in colour...Quite cool right??Hahax!!
Oh, i also bought 3 posters and some yuzhe cards today!!!So happy!!!
Also, as i am a very nice person(LOL),one of the posters and 3 of the cards is i help my dear "penguinpig"BY buy de.See i so nice.Hahax!!!

Did manicure today!!It's my first time and it's my mum's friend's treat!!Now my nails are very nice!!
Too bad my phone can't transfer pics to the com or else i will certainly post pics of my nails and the stuff i bought today.
Nevermind, going to change phone in september le.I will chose one with a good camera and has the function which allows me to transfer pics to the com.An mp3 function is not needed since i had a mp3 player le.Hahax!!

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