Been to the E-Awards held at the floating platform on the 7th March.
It was an enjoyable experience and i enjoyed the show.

Will not be posting the pics taken due to the fact that i am seated far away from the stage and most of the time i took pics of the big screen with just a tiny person in front. So i don't see the point. (Actually i am just lazy :P)

But no worries~

I will be posting videos instead~~

YouTube sure take a long time to upload videos though.

But i will have to apologize if the video seem to be parts and pieces. Due to the fact that i did not fully charge my camera battery before i go out... Hence, it died b4 show luo finished his dance.... ><


First up JJ~

Next up Energy~~

Followed by Lin Feng~

Lastly Show Luo~~

Gao Xiao

Ge Zhong Qiang Shou

Mini SG Nuffnang Blogger's Outing at Airport~

Had a mini outing with a bunch of bloggers at the airport yesterday.

Outing organized by Weijie~

It's just a small outing which consists of 6 bloggers.

Weijie, HongPeng, Kaizhi, , Yuling, , Siyi, and me~

Had our dinner at Popeyes and then proceed to a tour around the airport~

From T3 to T2, To T1 and back to T3 again in then end~~

However, Yuling and Siyi had something on and have to leave first.

Leaving me, the only girl with three guys... >.<>

So after they left, we went to T1's viewing mall and took some pics there.
Then we went back to T3 to have supper at YaKun~~
After which we decided to make our way home when it's around 10 pm.
While we were making our way out, we saw some kids doing this woodblock art thingy and we tried our hands on it~ XD

Ok, i shall let the pictures do the taking now. XD
Photos not in any order~
Photos credit to Kazhi~

HongPeng, Siyi, Weijie, Yuling and me~

I like this pic, although i looked like i force a smile. LOL~

LOL~ Weijie going to fly off with invisible luggage~~


Haha~ For once i am taller then Weijie~~

But the truth is.....







This is the truth~ LOL~~

HongPeng and Kaizhi~

HongPeng and us girls~ With aeroplane tail as background~ :P

Emo guy~~~

Note to self: Rmb to wear heels next time when going out with them~

Don't want to be the shortest anymore~(Although i am standing at 1.66m) LOL~~

Posing with our woodblock artwork~~

Us with our masterpieces~~

Before i end this post, i shall share something that's quite interesting. The 6 of us who attend this blogger outing are actually all from NPCC! What a coincidence~~ Haha~

Ok, shall end here~



Been working at the IT fair for the past few days~
Super tiring sia.~
It's already my fifth time working at a IT fair...
And it's the time where i got the most sales.
Managed to hit 30 this time round...
Plus it's the time where i most slack... LOL~~~

This time round was more fun. Weijie was also working with me and his sales not bad for first time ar.
He should at least treat me a drink, cos i intro-ed him the job~ LOL~~

I also went for the E-Awards last last sat. The crowd is crazy too. Haha~ Shall blog about it later this week when i have time to edit the photos plus upload the videos to youtube.

Lastly, i was actually still sleeping about half an hour ago. But was awoken by my phone. I checked and there's an sms from school with my exams results!!! I look closely as i am not wearing my specs, ans saw As!!!! I literally jumped from my bed sia~ Not joking i tell you. haha~~

Cos over the 2 yrs, 4 sem, my best grade was only B+, and now got As!!! Three As somemore!!! Haha!!!
I super happy now even i am sick with flu plus cough and nearly lost 3/4 of my voice.

I got As for IMC, Japanese and surprisingly Broadcast due to the fact that i did not do quite well for an ICA of this module.

For the rest, i got B+ for Print, B for IP, C+s for entreprenuership and Biz law. I guess i did not do as well as expected for biz law...

Well, this sem results pulled my overall GPA to 3.100 !!!! So happy~
My GPA always lurk around 3.0 smth de. And it kept decreasing per sem. Lucky this sem pulled it up sia!!!

Ok, i shall end here for this post.
Will update again very soon~


MAC Hello Kitty Launch

Went to the MAC Hello Kitty Launch today at vivo with Jessmiex.

I love Hello Kitty~ Haha~

Half Naked Black Kitty~ LOL~

Kitty Mild~

Sweet and Pretty~

Kitty Wild

Sexy, Pretty~

We even got Hello Kitty Tattoos~

Mine's on the right~

But it's gone le... After my shower... Haha~

I only bought a lavender shade lipstick from the Hello Kitty Collection. Wanted to buy more but, it's really expensive... And the beauty powders aren't that pigmented. Jessmiex got the beauty powder blush in fun and games which is a peachy coral shade. The packaging is really nice~~~

Shall end the post with a picture of both of us~ XD

My Not So Secret Lives ending

30th March 2008

Ellie went for the test again to confirm the results yesterday, alone.

This was what she texted me.

E: Jesse, I am going for the test today. No need to accompany me, I want to face this alone.
Me: Ok Ellie, but promised to call me when you got your results ok?
E: No probs. Thanks, Jesse….

While waiting for Ellie’s call, I had lunch with Trey.

I felt that I should have just go ahead and accompany Ellie to the clinic instead.

Good thing Trey’s with me here.

Then, my phone rang.

I picked it up immediately.

Me: Ellie, how’s things?
E: It’s negative! Jesse, it’s negative.
Me: Oh Ellie, that’s great. Where are you now?
E: I’m still at the clinic…
Me: Ok, stay there. I will be right there.

I told Trey about the good news and went to meet Ellie without him.

There’s still something on my mind that I needed to ask Ellie, something that I can only ask now that Ellie is free of the AIDS issue.

I met Ellie outside the clinic and we went over to Clarke Quay and sat by the river.

E: Jesse thanks for being with me.
Me: What are best friends for? But Ellie, I want to ask you something…
E: What?
Me: You said on that day at the clinic, that the last time you had sex with you ex was 2 months ago… At that time, aren’t you going out with Cameron?
E: Yes. It was not on purpose… We had both drank too much that day… It’s just a one night stand… No feelings involved. I loved Cameron, I never thought of cheating on him. Never…

E broke down after saying all that.

I can see that breaking up with Cameron affect her a lot more than the possibility of getting infected with AIDS or HIV… Also the fact of the possibility of her passing the virus to Cameron has affected her a lot.

Last night, she cried her hearts out.

Last night, I saw the weak side of E.

Before we parted last night, E received a text from C.

Apparently, Trey told C about the results.

C asked to meet E this morning.

E told him everything, from the one night stand with her ex and most importantly, the fact that she really loved him.

They did not patch up…

Even though C did forgive E…

‘It’s impossible for us to get back together right now, Eleanor. I need time. I’m sorry.’ E told me that was what C told her before he left.

I guess that was unavoidable. Although E did not meant to cheat on C. She did, with her one night stand with her ex, even if she did not mean to.

I guess that’s why C could not get back with her. It’s not the fact that E has put him in the danger of infecting AIDS but the fact that E cheated on him. He loved E a lot, Trey told me. I was not sure when Trey and C got so closed.

But the fact is, E and C are over for now.

I still hope that they will get back together one day. They were so happy together until the AIDS issue…

Well, at least the AIDS issue has been cleared now. Things are back on track, although E’s not the same anymore. Well, no more casual sex for her now.

For Trey and me, we are finally able to have time to develop our relationship without having to worry about our friends. Trey has been really nice throughout the Eleanor’s episode. I am glad that I met him, a guy that is willing to wait.

I am really glad that Eleanor did not have AIDS.

I am really glad that I got Trey as my boyfriend.

I am sad that E and C are over though. If only the AIDS issue did not happened, we will be two happy pair of couples.

--- END ---

“Get involved with Jesse and Trey today @ www.notsosecretlives.com”