Been to the E-Awards held at the floating platform on the 7th March.
It was an enjoyable experience and i enjoyed the show.

Will not be posting the pics taken due to the fact that i am seated far away from the stage and most of the time i took pics of the big screen with just a tiny person in front. So i don't see the point. (Actually i am just lazy :P)

But no worries~

I will be posting videos instead~~

YouTube sure take a long time to upload videos though.

But i will have to apologize if the video seem to be parts and pieces. Due to the fact that i did not fully charge my camera battery before i go out... Hence, it died b4 show luo finished his dance.... ><


First up JJ~

Next up Energy~~

Followed by Lin Feng~

Lastly Show Luo~~

Gao Xiao

Ge Zhong Qiang Shou

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