I will be away for 3 and a half days...

Hi all!!

I will be flying off to KL later in the afternoon and will only be back on Wednesday~
I won't be able to access the internet or use the data plan on my phone so I will be away for these few days from the virtual world. I won't be blogging, tweeting nor be on FB.

I'm excited as it's my first time to KL! Haha, plus on a plane some more! LOL. I know I a bit mountain tortoise la. Haha. But it's not my first time on a plane la, it's my second time. First time was to Taiwan, how I wish I got the money to go again.

I'm sure you all must be thinking: " Go KL only, what's the big deal!?" But better then nothing ma, and I have only been to JB before, never had the chance to explore other parts of M'sia before this.

Ok la, that's all. I shall go sleep now. Don't miss me ok? XD


Happy 18th To Jing Long~



Little Ah Long is growing up liao~ 18 young adult liao hor! :P 

I am posting the video that Don did for you here too~ 
It's so awesome that I think I should post it here too! LOL~ 
I'm sure that you love it, cause it really is an awesome video!

It was great to be able to have you as a friend. Our yellow - loving, decent, ah beng looking, awesome photographer to be, skinny friend! LOL~
Your 18th birthday will be a blast and you would look forward to your future birthdays with us around you! XD

So sorry that I won't be able to be at your place on sunday, but I'll make it up to you by buying you something "cool" while I'm at KL! XD

Once again, happy birthday!

Ah Long ar! Rmb to smile and be happy!

Love Joyce~ XD

With A Pinch Of Salt

Headed to "With A Pinch of Salt" located at Tanjong Katong with some of the "Cousins" last last Saturday (13th Nov) on Jiaqi's friend's recommendation. As you can see from the outside, it's a sweet little cafe which is very colorful! XD

How can I not camwhore with the cute mascot! LOL! 

The walls of the cafe are decorated with colorful photos~

Menu! XD 

Reading through the menu to decide what to order. Actually he did research online and had already decided what to order. LOL!!

 JiaQi Meowmy pouring water for us all! XD Don in the background snapping photos. XD

How can we forget our "Official" photographer! Haha! Ah Long ar!

I can camwhore with anything lor! Don's "redberry" and the cafe's namecard. LOL!

Tell me my eyes are big and they look natural! 
Although you all know it's with the help of contacts! LOL!

These are like the appetizers! Cheese fries, onion rings, pizza, and I ordered escargots~ XD Oh and also milo dinosaur! XD

Main courses! The Beef Burger's mine! And it's really a big portion, I can't even finish it lor! Then there's the chicken Corden Bleu, Jumbo Chick Leg, Sissy Crab Pasta and the Bacon and Sausage Baked Rice.

We ordered desserts too but I forgot to snap photos of those! But the Choco Lave is awesome and very reasonably priced at $4.90! I would love to go back for more of that!

Enjoying the pizza which is yummy! Haha, I find the food there overall not bad! Worth visiting! XD

Shall end this post with this photo above~ :P

My First Nuffnang Cheque!

Can you believe it? I joined NN in July 2008 and it's now Oct 2010 and I just got my very first NN Cheque~ LOL. But it's ok la, cause when I first joined NN, my hits were like super low. I only started having ads in 2009, so it's not bad. Plus it's not $50 dollars only lor, $200 lei, though I know it's super little compared to some bloggers. LOL. But then, I am not very far from my next cash out. :P

AFA X Anime Festival Asia 2010 X Atelier Royale Butler Cafe

Hi all! I went to visit the AFA X (Anime Festival Asia 2010) last Sunday on the 14th November. My friend was the one who asked me to go with her in the first place but in the end she can't make it. But I went ahead since I wanted to visit Atelier Royale and also take a look around as I have never visit AFA before. In the end, I went with Jorimu who's heading there too! Thanks for the accompany girl!

There are quite a number of booths selling Anime figurines and related merchandise.I searched around the whole place for Pinky Street Dolls, and only find 2 booths selling them! One of them selling them at $5 each! It's a steal!! But sadly they only have 3 choices there and I already own one of them which is Rui, so I got the other two. XD There's another booth selling the Evangelion Rei and Asuka for $20 but I never buy. Now I a bit regret sia. (\>.

They sell Shin Chan's favorite chocolate biscuits there! LOL! They totally should have someone cos-playing Shin Chan and sell the biscuits lor!

Many figurines and Nendoroids on display. Seems like the anime K-On is very popular these days. The ones I watched are not that popular though. In fact, I'm more of a Manga fan rather then Anime fan but I still enjoy watching Anime la.
My favorite so far is Full Metal Alchemist! XD Hunter X Hunter also not bad.Not forgetting my all time favorite Anime plus Manga Nana. I like Vampire Knight and Gakuen Alice too! But sadly, I never spot any figurine of characters of those that I know, except for some that I heard but never watch. :P

There's a graffiti wall for people to doodle on at one corner and there are some very nice drawings! There's a lot of talented people out there! Haha, I wonder who will drive that car out! And that guy in the picture above, I seriously wonder how he can walk around with such tiny holes to see through!

How can I not take any photos of myself! LOL! Just love taking self portraits with my Pen. :P


Dolls! They are all so pretty and they are all customized if I'm not wrong. If only I could own one, but they are super expensive! 

How can I not take photos of the Cos-players! Spotted a whole group of people cos-playing the characters from FFXIII, I recognized them in one look~ LOL. Or rather they are one of the very few I know. Haha. I did not managed to take a lot cause the crowd of photographers surrounding the cos-players is crazy! All the DSLR there snapping and flashing the flashlights.

Cos-playing seems fun, maybe I would want to try it out one day. :P

Here's a photo with the giant DOMO-Kun! Kawaii desu!! XD

We walked around the exhibits for a few rounds and decided to head to somewhere to eat. So we went to this Korean food place at the fountain of wealth area to grab a bite. We visited Atelier Royale in the morning. (More about that later~) I only ate side dishes cause I have plans to visit the cafe again. :P

Cam-whore while wating~ :P

I think I'm really used to how my eyes looked like with colored black rim contacts liao lor~ If wear back normal lenses sure not used to it one. :P

Jiaqi Woo and Alton came at around 4.30 plus, so I went to meet them after parting with Jorimu who went to meet her friend too. :P We went straight to queue for Atelier Royale just in case we can't get in as the queue is getting long. If they did not come right, I don't think I will go again. Then I won't have so much fun in the end le! Or if I did not meet them to go again, I also won't be there! So me is lucky! :P

Jiaqi and me~ I love her red hair la! And also her courage to try out so many different hair colors! I think I will only stick to playing with different shades of browns lor. >.<

Now here's a group photo taken at........................
Guess where?? XD

Inside the Atelier Royale Butler Cafe! :P

(Ok, here's a warning. I think I might sound like a total fan girl from here onwards. Please pardon me. I just can't help it. :P)

As I have mentioned, I went twice! Once in the morning and once in the evening, so it's like breakfast and dinner both at the Butler Cafe. LOL.

One of the main reason I went in the morning (I'm rarely awake in the morning :P) is because I saw Yutaki's tweet that some who went on sat queued for 3 hours did not managed to get in! So the Kiasu me decided to wake up early in the morning so as to be able to secure a chance to go into the Cafe. And the queue in the morning is really quite short! Jorimu and I queued for only about 15 to 20 minutes or maybe shorter then it's our turn le! XD

While in the queue I happily took out my Pen thinking to snap many many pictures in the cafe only to notice a no photography sign. Hence I kept my Pen and did not take a single picture while in the cafe. Which I totally regret! Should at least take out my phone and snap the food or something! But I am very guai one, stick to the rules. But there are a lot out there who secretly took pictures lor! But it's ok, I had my fair share of fun too! :P

The Butler Cafe only have 3 set meals, pasta and two types of cakes and all sets comes with either coffee or tea. While the MMK Cafe have an additional OmuRice on their menu I think. I had the Strawberry cake when I went in the morning.

Oh, and I got Yutaki as my butler! XDXDXD
And the service is really not bad, they pull the chair for you, lay the things nicely one by one. For example the tea, they put the plate first, then the cup, then the spoon, then the milk and lastly the sugar. One by one lei! You go outside where got see such things one! Outside is they put everything first then just put the whole thing in front of you. LOL.
You will just feel very pampered in there lor, and the fact that you're being served by good looking butlers is a very big factor! :P And I swear they are super cute at times!

Actually it don't really matter who you got as butler, as the rest will still come forth and ask if you need anything or clear the plates when they see it empty. So depending on your luck, you might get all of then to serve you in the end lor. But you only get to take photo with the butler you got assigned to la. The maximum you can take is with 2 butlers. I was told that someone queued 3 times and also paid 3 times, just to take photos with all 5 of the butlers!! The photo will be printed out on the spot for keepsake so it's quite worth it.

My photo with Yutaki is now along with my other photos on my bedside. :P

Then I went again with Jiaqi and Alton in the evening and this time round the queue got quite long! We queued for around 1 and a half hours and nearly never get in! But luckily we got in still la! XD We were the 2nd last group who got in. Also, while queuing at the area where the exit of the cafe is, we managed to catch a glimpse of the butlers when customers are leaving and there's one time where Yutaki opened the door and said Hi to us! Haha! Damn cute! There's also another instance where Haru got out for his break but got called back in by Yutaki as I think they still must stay inside the cafe during breaktime. We heard their conversation which is quite funny la! Hee!

Anyways, we were lucky to get in but there's only pasta left so we all get the pasta set which was $28. The cake set was $18. You can guess how much I spent on the Cafe alone.Oh and photo taking was $5. So I spent a grand total of $51 at the Cafe on that day. But I seriously think it's totally worth it! :P

Anyways, here's a photo collage of me and all the butlers!
I don't want to put bigger photos of individual shots just in case. :P
Jiaqi and me took photos with all the butlers! Hee! (After the cafe is like close and we're like the only 'customers' left.)

Tell me, other then Jiaqi and me, plus the person who queued thrice, who got the chance to take photos with all 5 of them?! XD And I seriously think they all looked better in real person then in photos lor! And really, them wearing tuxedo really made them extra smart and good looking!

Anyways, some of the butlers and the MMK maids went over to watch the I love Anisong concert while Jiaqi and me stayed to kind of hang out with Yutaki and Jin. We just sat at the cafe and chit chat. XDXDXD (Seriously, I think someone or a bunch of girls out there is going to kill me liao.)

We also managed to visit the backstage of the concert and guess who I saw!! 

Yes! It's Kaname!! I can die in peace now! LOL! Must thank Jiaqi for helping me take this photo, cause I kept my camera as the backstage was dark and I don't have a flash for my Pen yet! There was Aira and Alodia (celebrity cos-players) there too but I never take photo with them. Kind of regret now. But it's ok la, at least I got to see them. :P

This was like the best day of my life in November 2010 la! Must really thank Yutaki for the chance to just stay behind and hang out around. XD Arigatou Gozaimasu!

アトリエ・ロワトヤル 好きです!

The Four of Us.

8 years and counting, that's how long we have known each other. More then friends, BFFs ain't enough to describe our relationship. We are already like family, we are like sisters.
All of us, so different, yet we know each other so well. Out of the 8 years, we are only together for 4 years, the good old secondary days. We went off to our separate paths and we seldom meet up. Still, the relationship was never affected.

We all know that no matter how different our lives are right now, the new friends that we have, we will always be part of each others lives.

It's only with you guys, that I can feel totally at ease. It's only you guys that can put up with the unreasonable me that I am. I guess NP really played a big part, the shitty stuff that we gone through together, the happy things and everything. It's like we've been through life and death. It's with you guys that I can never really quarrel with, I mean the most we argue, over the stupidest things.

Happy times together, at the playground we used to hang out before NP training starts. Where we had our share of childish scribblings. :P Where we hang out talking about our dreams, gossiping about people. This was our playground.

Yes, there's four of us. But it's so hard for the four of us to meet up! It's always 三缺一! The number of times that the four of us really meet up is so little!!! But I know it can't be blame, me working, them being in 3 different Unis, hence we all have different schedules.

Now at 20, we might have changed from the 13-16 us. But we all know deep down, we are still the very same. Of course, things that we have gone through had change the way we think.

HL who used to say she will be a nun was the first to have a BF and is still going strong. We are all happy for her, for finding that someone.Me and her, not only 8 years. Actually I am not so sure, shall we start counting from pri 1 or pri 5 when we were in the same class. We been through quite a lot, and you freaking made me cry in sec 1 though I know it was for my own good. Glad that we stuck together till now. My twin, please think more for yourself, your future, what you want to do! You know what I mean.

BY dear, I know you have been through a lot. But I am very sure you know that we will always be here. Always here, never move away. Although sometimes I wish I could be there physically when you need me. You'll find that someone that will love you the way you want it eventually. I mean we're only 20, there are always many wrong ones before we get the right one. Promise me, to let the cheerful BY that we all know and love come back, no matter how long it takes! Anything, I'm just a phone call away.

Siew Boon, I demand you to faster go find that someone! Haha! Don't give yourself too much stress over studies and projects. Give yourself some breathing time! The cheerful and happy go lucky Siew Boon, please continue to stay this way. I am glad that so far, you're ok except for the stress over studies. But you can do it! I want to attend your graduation like you attended mine ok? XD

And of course, all 3 of you. I want to see all of you graduate with the 四方帽! Something that is quite far from my reach, although I know I will get it one day. But the uni life that I will never experience, you guys are in it now! Live a happy uni life; I know it's stressful, but don't let it bring you down!

HL, BY and SB, I love you all, my dear sisters! XD

Joyce. =)

Halloween 2010 @ Escape Theme Park

Spent this year's Halloween at Escape Theme Park with some of the fellow Cousins~
We only got on 2 rides and the haunted house. Queued for nearly 3 hours for the advance Go Kart. >.< But it was fun, especially the steep slope!


With Don, while we were 'queuing' for tickets.

Transform! How could we not dress up a little for Halloween~

With JiaQi! XD
Ah Long!

Group Photo before we head in.
Another one.

Look at YZ, ain't her eyes scary!
I want to eat Don up! LOL!

Strangling the snake! LOL!

Pumpkin for you?

Though she's dead, I still wanna suck her blood!

More group photos~

Another one~

This is perfect for 7th month la!

I will haunt you in your nightmare~~