Granado Espada Renaissance Ball

Was invited to the Granado Espada Renaissance Ball, where they will be launching version 5 of the popular MMORPG, titled "Renaissance" last Wednesday at The Lawn at Raffles Hotel.

At the very same time, IAHGames also held a charity auction of exclusive in game items where the profits will go fully to the Habitat for Humanity Singapore, a non-profit housing organization with a mission to eliminate poverty housing worldwide.

 The event was held at The Lawn at Raffles Hotel.

There were two beautiful ladies cos-playing as in game characters taking photos with all the guests that day.

Here's some screen shots I took off the LCD screen. Ain't the graphics awesome?! XD

This is the Limited Edition Wine Glass set made of crystal.

Each set comes with a plate with serial no. XD

Super reflective!

Group Photo of G+ members along with the Emcee of the day, dressed up as one of the in game characters.

Here's a photo of all the gamers who has successfully bid for the exclusive in game items at the auction. They have contributed a total of $7720 to charity! XD

Now on to some facts of the new version of the game~

- Castilla Island, new map expansion.
-Valeria, new Recruitable Non-player Character (RNPC)
-Free RNPCs
-New Dungeons
-New Roulette Item Reward system
-New Expert Stances

Here's a trailer of the game. I must say the graphics are one of the best I have seen! XD

Do visit for more game information! XD

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