With A Pinch Of Salt

Headed to "With A Pinch of Salt" located at Tanjong Katong with some of the "Cousins" last last Saturday (13th Nov) on Jiaqi's friend's recommendation. As you can see from the outside, it's a sweet little cafe which is very colorful! XD

How can I not camwhore with the cute mascot! LOL! 

The walls of the cafe are decorated with colorful photos~

Menu! XD 

Reading through the menu to decide what to order. Actually he did research online and had already decided what to order. LOL!!

 JiaQi Meowmy pouring water for us all! XD Don in the background snapping photos. XD

How can we forget our "Official" photographer! Haha! Ah Long ar!

I can camwhore with anything lor! Don's "redberry" and the cafe's namecard. LOL!

Tell me my eyes are big and they look natural! 
Although you all know it's with the help of contacts! LOL!

These are like the appetizers! Cheese fries, onion rings, pizza, and I ordered escargots~ XD Oh and also milo dinosaur! XD

Main courses! The Beef Burger's mine! And it's really a big portion, I can't even finish it lor! Then there's the chicken Corden Bleu, Jumbo Chick Leg, Sissy Crab Pasta and the Bacon and Sausage Baked Rice.

We ordered desserts too but I forgot to snap photos of those! But the Choco Lave is awesome and very reasonably priced at $4.90! I would love to go back for more of that!

Enjoying the pizza which is yummy! Haha, I find the food there overall not bad! Worth visiting! XD

Shall end this post with this photo above~ :P

5 Response to "With A Pinch Of Salt"

  1. Chantana says:

    The foods look really yummy! But the location sound so strange to me! (I'm very much comfortable at places I know! lolx) I should find one day and pop by "With a pinch of salt" ^__^

    Edwin says:

    May i know what camera you have?

    Edwin: If you're referring to the one I used to take the photos in this post, it is the Canon IXUS 870IS, I also own the Olympus Pen EP2. XD

    Chantana: You shld! Haha! Explore more to find good food! XD

    Edwin koh says:

    So is your Canon camera expensive?

    Edwin: When I bought it, it's around 599. But this model is no longer in the market. The upgrade version of my cam is IXUS 200IS etc.

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