Happy 18th To Jing Long~



Little Ah Long is growing up liao~ 18 young adult liao hor! :P 

I am posting the video that Don did for you here too~ 
It's so awesome that I think I should post it here too! LOL~ 
I'm sure that you love it, cause it really is an awesome video!

It was great to be able to have you as a friend. Our yellow - loving, decent, ah beng looking, awesome photographer to be, skinny friend! LOL~
Your 18th birthday will be a blast and you would look forward to your future birthdays with us around you! XD

So sorry that I won't be able to be at your place on sunday, but I'll make it up to you by buying you something "cool" while I'm at KL! XD

Once again, happy birthday!

Ah Long ar! Rmb to smile and be happy!

Love Joyce~ XD

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  1. JINGLONG says:

    Thanks Joyce !!

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