The Four of Us.

8 years and counting, that's how long we have known each other. More then friends, BFFs ain't enough to describe our relationship. We are already like family, we are like sisters.
All of us, so different, yet we know each other so well. Out of the 8 years, we are only together for 4 years, the good old secondary days. We went off to our separate paths and we seldom meet up. Still, the relationship was never affected.

We all know that no matter how different our lives are right now, the new friends that we have, we will always be part of each others lives.

It's only with you guys, that I can feel totally at ease. It's only you guys that can put up with the unreasonable me that I am. I guess NP really played a big part, the shitty stuff that we gone through together, the happy things and everything. It's like we've been through life and death. It's with you guys that I can never really quarrel with, I mean the most we argue, over the stupidest things.

Happy times together, at the playground we used to hang out before NP training starts. Where we had our share of childish scribblings. :P Where we hang out talking about our dreams, gossiping about people. This was our playground.

Yes, there's four of us. But it's so hard for the four of us to meet up! It's always 三缺一! The number of times that the four of us really meet up is so little!!! But I know it can't be blame, me working, them being in 3 different Unis, hence we all have different schedules.

Now at 20, we might have changed from the 13-16 us. But we all know deep down, we are still the very same. Of course, things that we have gone through had change the way we think.

HL who used to say she will be a nun was the first to have a BF and is still going strong. We are all happy for her, for finding that someone.Me and her, not only 8 years. Actually I am not so sure, shall we start counting from pri 1 or pri 5 when we were in the same class. We been through quite a lot, and you freaking made me cry in sec 1 though I know it was for my own good. Glad that we stuck together till now. My twin, please think more for yourself, your future, what you want to do! You know what I mean.

BY dear, I know you have been through a lot. But I am very sure you know that we will always be here. Always here, never move away. Although sometimes I wish I could be there physically when you need me. You'll find that someone that will love you the way you want it eventually. I mean we're only 20, there are always many wrong ones before we get the right one. Promise me, to let the cheerful BY that we all know and love come back, no matter how long it takes! Anything, I'm just a phone call away.

Siew Boon, I demand you to faster go find that someone! Haha! Don't give yourself too much stress over studies and projects. Give yourself some breathing time! The cheerful and happy go lucky Siew Boon, please continue to stay this way. I am glad that so far, you're ok except for the stress over studies. But you can do it! I want to attend your graduation like you attended mine ok? XD

And of course, all 3 of you. I want to see all of you graduate with the 四方帽! Something that is quite far from my reach, although I know I will get it one day. But the uni life that I will never experience, you guys are in it now! Live a happy uni life; I know it's stressful, but don't let it bring you down!

HL, BY and SB, I love you all, my dear sisters! XD

Joyce. =)

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  1. BY says:

    love you joyce! and siew boon and hweeLI! i hope i can pull thru this!

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