I will be away for 3 and a half days...

Hi all!!

I will be flying off to KL later in the afternoon and will only be back on Wednesday~
I won't be able to access the internet or use the data plan on my phone so I will be away for these few days from the virtual world. I won't be blogging, tweeting nor be on FB.

I'm excited as it's my first time to KL! Haha, plus on a plane some more! LOL. I know I a bit mountain tortoise la. Haha. But it's not my first time on a plane la, it's my second time. First time was to Taiwan, how I wish I got the money to go again.

I'm sure you all must be thinking: " Go KL only, what's the big deal!?" But better then nothing ma, and I have only been to JB before, never had the chance to explore other parts of M'sia before this.

Ok la, that's all. I shall go sleep now. Don't miss me ok? XD


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