F.J's Trip to KL - Departure and Arrival to KL

 On the cab to the Airport~

My Boarding Pass~ 
Taking budget airline, AirAsia~ 

  With my Aunts, Cousin and Mum~ All going on the trip except for my cousin~

 With my Aunt and Cousin~

 With The Mum~

 Heading to the boarding gates~

 Look! That's the plane that I am going to board! 


 How can not camwhore on the plane~ LOL! 

 My traveling companions~

 Not easy to get this pic lei! The officer was chasing us to move on~ :P

 Snap and go~ LOL~ 

 At KL LCCT Airport~~

Another pic with the Mum. 
Ok, I know that I overdid on the editing. :P

On the taxi to our accommodation in KL~

To Be Continued...

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  1. U look excatly like ur mum!!!

    dblchin: haha, from her factory ma~ :P

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