Trend Micro X'mas Dinner

Attended Trend Micro's mini X'mas dinner for the bloggers last Thursday at Raindrops cafe located @ Scape.

It's a quaint cafe at a corner of Scape.

Organized by Nuffnang for Trend Micro~ XD

Of course must pose with the poster right! :P

Menu~ XD

We had awesome food that day~ Mushroom soup, drumlets and waffle fries as starters, salmon was my main and the mascarpone mousse as my dessert. Strawberry margarita as my drink. XD

Hi, that's me again! XD

That's Terence from Trend Micro who gave us an insightful talk on the many web threats that we are facing these days. 

Do you know that in every 1.5 seconds, there is 1 new threat generated? 
Also 92% of the threats come from the web!

Terence also shared with us that in the past, Virus are created mainly for pranks in which they just delete all the memory you had on your hard disk. These days, viruses are meant to steal your personal info etc for monetary gains! This is really very scary, especially when we rely very heavily these days on the net for internet banking etc.

Here's the tech guy from Trend Micro who shared with us about the Cloud Security approach that they adopt in their software. 
The Cloud Security simply means prevention, which is to stop the threats and viruses before they reach us. 

Trend Micro Titanium aims to deliver what we consumers want, which is a software that is fuss free and does not lag and disrupt our work when using the computer and of course protection! The key features of Trend Micro Titanium aim to deliver all these to us consumers! The key features are Safe, Light and Fast~

It's available in 2 choices, Internet Security and Maximum Security for your needs. Of course, the Maximum Security choice would be hassle free, just install and don't need to worry. :P

A group photo with some of the bloggers present that day~ XD

And here's another one before we leave~ XD

Check out Trend Micro FB page for a chance to win a Private Screening and also to learn more on their products!

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