F.J's Trip to KL - PJ8 My Accomadation for th Trip

During my KL Trip, we stayed at this place called PJ8 where my Aunt's had an apartment there. It's a gorgeous place! I swear staying in this place is the best part of the trip. XD

First Pic that I took when I arrived. See, the sofas and all are still covered.

That's my 2nd Aunt, who own the place. XD

My 1st Aunt, standing in the Master bedroom.

Awesome vanity area which leads to the bathroom with bathtub~ XD

Super comfy corner in the Master bedroom. I love that chair!

My favorite area of the house! I swear I love that carpet! It's super nice to step on!

The room that my Mum and me slept in. XD

Bed nicely made, super nice view outside I tell you! Especially at night! We are at the 19th level! XD

Nice cosy area~ XD

Camwhore around the house. Nice painting~ XD

The kitchen, it's like open concept.

Another angle of the living room. XD

And another one! Told you it's my favorite corner. I swear if I ever get my own place I want something like that. XD

One more! :P

Taken at the balcony~ Nice right~ XD

The Mum and I~

Did I mentioned that that's a lot of full length mirrors in the house! Perfect for camwhoring la! This is a full length mirror fixed in the wardrobe in my room.

Look at the view outside the window~ Nice lor!! Haha! XD

At the kitchen~ My aunts and my mum plus me gambled at the table every night~ Haha~ XD 

Whole stretch of full length mirror at the living room area. My legs look so slim here la! :P 

You know, I seriously love this living room area. XD

I love the carpet to the max I tell you! I would just sit on the carpet to just rest and feel the fluffy-ness of the carpet. LOL. XD

Ok, ending this post with a view out of the balcony~ XD Gorgeous view lor! 

To Be Continued...

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