How to save a Blur Photo.

As you can see, the photo below is blur. Even though you're sure that it's quite clear on the camera screen. 

And this is how you salvage a blur photo. 

Loads of editing and effects to make the "Blur" intentional. 
Quite nice right? =P

X'mas @ Studio M with the Cousins

Ok, I guess I'm the last one out of the whole bunch to blog about X'mas last year. LOL.
But hey, I got my reasons, first my laptop crashed. I'm using my dad's lappy now. Which does not have Photoshop nor premiere pro or anything that I am used to on my laptop. So I need time to adapt and install my programs. :P Plus I don't have all the photos taken that day.

Anyways, I don't intend to use the photos in this post either, cause you have already seen all the same photos on everyone's post. Cause only 2 people took photos which is Andy and Jinglong.

Whereas, I took only videos that day! And I just spend the last 2-3 hours editing it to a 19 min video. The center part which is the gift exchange part might be draggy, but I kept it as it's memories! I mean, photos are good memories but nothing can beat video where each small action and every single word we said are captured.

Alright, here's the video~ Enjoy watching! <3

Filmed and edited by Forest.Joyce.
Still shots credits to AndyStorm and JingLong~ XD

HAPPY 2011!

Happy New Year to everyone out there!!! XD 

2010 was great but 2011 will be better! XD 

One of the awesome thing that happened to me during 2010~ Love you guys! XD

P.S: I hijacked my bro's com to blog this, so I'll try to blog whenever I can if I managed to hijack his com again. Meanwhile, please do stay with me till I get a new computer. XD 

Once again, happy 2011! XD