~Kitty Lab @ S'pore Expo~

Date: 27 November 2009
Where: Singapore Expo Hall 1
What: Kitty Lab
Who: Joyce & Ying Zi

After much consideration, I decided to just not think about the expensive ticket price and head to the Kitty Lab held at Singapore Expo, only on the 3rd last day of the event. Asked Ying Zi, who's also a Hello Kitty fan along with me. XD

Pose with the huge KTA(Hello Kitty DNA) and Hello Kitty right before we enter the Kitty Lab~

Entered the Kitty Lab, got our mini KTAs, and pose for a picture at the laboratory area, then proceed to a briefing before we embark on our adventure.


A pose with the mini KTA~~ XD Not sure if you could see it in the photos but there are blinking lights that changes color every 10 to 15 minutes on the cheeks of the KTAs.
I really like the KTA!! If only we could bring it home!! Haha~ XD

So after the briefing, we went through the customs to get our first location and entered the virtual Kitty World!!


Kitty Boutique, Kitty Cafe, Lab area etc~~


Say hi to Dear Daniel at Daniel Travel~~ XD


They even have a Hello Kitty spaceship!!!


Don't you wish you could live in a town like this?? Cuteness overload!!


We both attended the Kitty College!! XD LOL~ And that's Hello Kitty's mum with a Hello Kitty Cake!!


A pose outside Kitty Boutique! XD


Kitty Chanel Bags are so pretty!!! And say hi to fellow sanrio characters!! XD


He's so cute that we had to take a picture with him and look at the yummy food!! XD


More food!!
And how i wish that we have postbox like that one in the picture..
And the cute little teddy(forgot his name) looking through the window display~~ XD


How could a town do without a hospital~ In Kitty Lab, they have the Strawberry Hospital catering to all the sick people~~ XD


Poses with the poor sick teddy and Hello Kitty's Grand Dad!! XD


Taking a ride through Niekosen Station towards the custom after we went through all the places in Kitty Lab. Not all are mentioned. There are 13 places in the lab for us to explore!! XD


We mananged to complete our journey within 35 minutes and we both got our good citizen badge!! XD


That's me with my Kitty ID card~~
I am a Jack of all Trades Kitty who's competent but not mastering well. LOL~~ XD


My good citizen badge, the ticket stub, and the photoframe along with a photo of us.

My Verdict:

We both had fun at the Kitty Lab. It would be better if the whole Kitty Lab is bigger, it's quite a small place inside and we could walk around the whole area within 10 minutes. But i must say that the whole set up is so pretty!!! And it's also very life like. It looks almost like a real town instead of a toy like one. The games are quite fun, mostly kiddy games that are not really easy as it seems. Haha~~ XD

If only the ticket price is cheaper, $38 for weekend/PH is really an ouch to the pocket. I bet that alot of people are turn away by the high ticket price. If they lowered it to like $30 or $25, i bet there will be alot more people visiting the Kitty Lab.

Well at least to me, the landyard, the ID card and the badge we got, make the price we paid more worth it.

I would rate this exhibition 4/5 stars. The whole experience would be 3.5 but an additional 0.5 for how life like everything looks to me. The whole trip from entering the lab to the customs to the town to exiting really let me felt like I am in another world.

Also, another reason that made me go for this is that it will not be held in Singapore anymore. After their exhibit here, they will return back to Japan for good!! Tell me, how can I missed it!! XD

Baby Donald wants to play, not?

Did this out of boredom~~ Hope you guys enjoyed it~~ XD

Say Hi to Moriko~~

Say Hi to my new Pinky~~

MORIKO - Chan~~ XD



She's really kawaii~
Right? XD

A Short Review: A Christmas Carol


Photo Taken By: Raine using Hp's camera
Edited By: Forest~~

Went to watch A Christmas Carol on Monday with bloggers. Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets! XD
Missing in photo are Ying Zi and Kaizhi as they were late.

Ok, so straight to the review.

The effects were really good and it does felt like 3D to me although we are not watching it in the 3D format. It looks almost real to me even though it's an animation.

However, i felt that the whole show is a bit draggy. Especially the journey with ghost of Christmas Present. The more exciting part would be the journey with ghost of Christmas Yet To be, i got quite a shock there. Also, it's quite hard to understand what the main character is talking about as it's sounds a bit like mumbling at parts, and there are no subtitles.

Basically it's a comedy/ a bit of horror kind of show. I think it's quite suitable for this festive season. Watch it for the festive mood during the weekdays~ XD

My Ratings: 3/5 Stars

A Christmas Carol

Christmas is the season to celebrate and the season of joy.~

(Credits to Google Images)

Embark on a magical journey with Jim Carrey playing as 4 different characters in "A Christmas Carol" this Christmas.

Ebenezer Scrooge - A spiteful old man who dreads Christmas and all happy occasions.

Ghost of Christmas Past
Ghost of Christmas Present

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

- The three ghosts of Christmas who brings Scrooge on magical journey to show him things of the past, present and future.

(Pictures credits to the Official website:http://home.disney.com.sg/movies/christmascarol/)

Here's a sneak peak of the movie~ XD

Watch this movie to start off the Christmas season~~ XD


The Origin

Many of you have asked me this question:

“Why Forest330?”

I think I did mention why to some of you who asked, some of the very first few.
Well I do get tired of answering the same question for many times so I decided to write a blog post about the origin of my online username, “Forest330”.

This username had stuck with me since I was 11, 8 years ago. Around the time when I first starting to get hooked onto the internet.
Guessed what’s the first account I created with the username??

(Image credits google images, logo rights to neopets.com)

It’s Neopets! LOL~

At first, I wanted to just use Forest but there’s already an existing account and they offered me other suggestions which are just numbers behind. So being 11, instead of using something related to me I just click on the number that looks the nicest to me visually at that moment as I was hurrying to create an account so I could play.

And so, the lucky number is 330. Apparently, it’s the nicest number out of the few others they offered me.

It’s only after sometime that I realized I should have come up with a number that is somehow of relation to me. So I created another account with the number 294(my birthday) instead. However, end up I used the 330 account more and I preferred how it sounds when you read it out loud. Hence, it’s stuck with me till now. XD

Now, why “Forest” then?

Before I continued on to the story, I would ask a favor to not laugh too loudly. Simply because I am recounting the actions and mindset of an 11 year old when the username was created. :P

The first thing I was told in school when we were taught how to use the internet in PRIMARY school was not to reveal your real identity as you never know who’s on the other computer screen.

Keeping that in mind, I had quite a hard time thinking up a name when I was creating my Neopets account. This is due to the fact that I am really bad at thinking up names. So this thought came to my mind, if I can’t use my real name I shall use someone else’s instead. And so, my mum’s name came to my mind.

Here’s the funny part.

My mum have 2 English names, one being Apple which she uses more and the other being Florence.

Being brought up in a Chinese speaking family, my English was really just average when I was in Primary school and I can’t really pronounce some words correctly.

And by saying that, I think most of you have guessed.

Yup, I have always thought that my mum’s name, Florence is pronounced as Forest. On top of that, the 11 years old me even thought that that’s how it was spelled too .

It’s only after quite some time that I realized the blunder I have made.

But it’s alright, as all this leads to me having a unique username.

If you were to Google Forest330, most of the results will lead to my profile on various websites. Only most, not all though.

And yup, that basically sums up the origin of my username. Not really a long story, but it does have a long history. XD

And if you guys are wondering why didn’t I use the same name for my blog url. Reason is very simple; url is url while username is username. They are two different things. XD

And if you are wondering why is my url, joyce1012 and the meaning behind it, it’s more simple! 1012 is a code for my initials, J.L. Go figure! XD


~The one and only Forest330~



It's another of those moments again...
Where I am torn apart...

Part of me wants to get this over and done with...

Another part of me is hesitating...

The title "STUDENT" has been stuck with me since I entered kindergarden at the age of 5.

Soon, I will be graduating from Polytechnic and will be greeted by 2 choices.

University and the working society.

The latter seem like a path I would more likely to take.

And hence, the title of "STUDENT" will no longer apply to me.

It will be hard to get use to, although i have the experience of working in the industry as an Intern...

It's really soon to my graduation...
94 more days to the official end of TEP.

Although I have to come back for a week in March to handover to the juniors.
Although the school's official graduation ceremony is normally is May...

It's just 94 more days left to my time being a student. (Well, at the very least, a full time one.)

And back to the part where I say I am torn apart.
School work is not that bad at all, just boring I would say.
And the part where changes have to be made, awaiting approval from the higher ups is the irritating part.

The main thing is, since the end of sem 2 yr 2, the relationship between me and my classmates have evolved.

Plus the fact that right after that, we all were dispatched to our various IPP companies and stuck there for 21 whole weeks. There's no time to patch up whatever problems we have left hanging.

During this period, I found out a lot of stuff. Am annoyed, disgusted and sadden at the same time.

But I am fine.

It's not like I have not been through this kind of thing before.

It's for you to judge and i don't care.

All I know is there are some out there who know and understand the me deep under. I am happy with just a few of them. Cause they are here for life.

While some, are only here for perhaps a few years of life where we are all put together under the choice of fate.

But at least I am glad to say, there are a few out of the bunch who can go a longer way.


During the course of my IPP/internship, I am really thankful to some of you out there who listen to me bitching about work, adding some colors to my dull intern life. You know who you are when you read this. Cause it is because of this platform that I got to know most of you guys.

Although I had my doubts when I first stepped out from in front of the computer screen to outside to meet the first few. I am glad I did as gained a lot from doing so.

Widening my social circle is one thing, but it's also another way to gain friends who will stay. You will never know if you don't take the risk.


Alright, I shall end my post here before anyone of you gets bored.
Anyways, who will read such a lengthy wordy post to the end~ LOL~~ XD




Thinking hard for something interesting to blog about...

There's nothing for me to blog anymore...

Blogged about all the events i went to already.

Wanted to blog on a topic but decided against it...
Change topic but it might be too boring to all of you out there. As i will put on a lecturing tone if i were to blog on that topic. Haha~~ Maybe i have been lectured too much by others on that topic already.
So until i find a new interesting topic to blog about or till the next outing/event, this blog shall have no updates till then~
Or would you guys rather i blog about an overseas trip that happened 4 years ago? XD

Mini Gathering with Besties~


Went out yesterday to meet up with my besties!!! XD
In a way, we have gone through the phase of best friends and are more like sisters, i would say. I have knew 2 of them since secondary 1 and 1 of them ever since primary 1.

6 years plus plus and 12 years plus plus...

We have gone through many many things together.

Although we are all now leading our own respective lives... There's still a link there that bind us together.

We promised to tell one another when there is a major thing happening in our lives. We promised to be there for each others' weddings in future. We promised to be there for each other no matter what happened.

We are happy for each other when happy things happened from the bottom of our hearts. XD

They are the only ones who can stand my lateness, who listens to my rants, who gives me advice. They are the ones who understands me for who i am.

I am really grateful for having such close friends in my lives. Although we are only meeting once in like a few months.

Thanks all of you~ For being with me all this while.

~Some friends come and go.~
~Some friends are to stay there for life.~


Halloween Strikes!

We were all possessed by evil spirits...

Except for one who's possessed by a vain female spirit...


Those possessed by evil spirits all changed eye colors...
From black to blue, maroon, purple, green....
Their lips turned black...
Blood drips down from their eyes and mouth....


We were not the only possessed ones... Out on the streets, many are possessed too...
Eyes were on us...
Little kids were scared, when they looked into our lifeless eyes...


Our smiles were taken away... As the evil do not laugh...
We were left lifeless as the evil sucked our lives away...


We were left soulless... Without any expression on our face...
Stare into our eyes...
And get sucked in...