A Short Review: A Christmas Carol


Photo Taken By: Raine using Hp's camera
Edited By: Forest~~

Went to watch A Christmas Carol on Monday with bloggers. Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets! XD
Missing in photo are Ying Zi and Kaizhi as they were late.

Ok, so straight to the review.

The effects were really good and it does felt like 3D to me although we are not watching it in the 3D format. It looks almost real to me even though it's an animation.

However, i felt that the whole show is a bit draggy. Especially the journey with ghost of Christmas Present. The more exciting part would be the journey with ghost of Christmas Yet To be, i got quite a shock there. Also, it's quite hard to understand what the main character is talking about as it's sounds a bit like mumbling at parts, and there are no subtitles.

Basically it's a comedy/ a bit of horror kind of show. I think it's quite suitable for this festive season. Watch it for the festive mood during the weekdays~ XD

My Ratings: 3/5 Stars

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