It's another of those moments again...
Where I am torn apart...

Part of me wants to get this over and done with...

Another part of me is hesitating...

The title "STUDENT" has been stuck with me since I entered kindergarden at the age of 5.

Soon, I will be graduating from Polytechnic and will be greeted by 2 choices.

University and the working society.

The latter seem like a path I would more likely to take.

And hence, the title of "STUDENT" will no longer apply to me.

It will be hard to get use to, although i have the experience of working in the industry as an Intern...

It's really soon to my graduation...
94 more days to the official end of TEP.

Although I have to come back for a week in March to handover to the juniors.
Although the school's official graduation ceremony is normally is May...

It's just 94 more days left to my time being a student. (Well, at the very least, a full time one.)

And back to the part where I say I am torn apart.
School work is not that bad at all, just boring I would say.
And the part where changes have to be made, awaiting approval from the higher ups is the irritating part.

The main thing is, since the end of sem 2 yr 2, the relationship between me and my classmates have evolved.

Plus the fact that right after that, we all were dispatched to our various IPP companies and stuck there for 21 whole weeks. There's no time to patch up whatever problems we have left hanging.

During this period, I found out a lot of stuff. Am annoyed, disgusted and sadden at the same time.

But I am fine.

It's not like I have not been through this kind of thing before.

It's for you to judge and i don't care.

All I know is there are some out there who know and understand the me deep under. I am happy with just a few of them. Cause they are here for life.

While some, are only here for perhaps a few years of life where we are all put together under the choice of fate.

But at least I am glad to say, there are a few out of the bunch who can go a longer way.


During the course of my IPP/internship, I am really thankful to some of you out there who listen to me bitching about work, adding some colors to my dull intern life. You know who you are when you read this. Cause it is because of this platform that I got to know most of you guys.

Although I had my doubts when I first stepped out from in front of the computer screen to outside to meet the first few. I am glad I did as gained a lot from doing so.

Widening my social circle is one thing, but it's also another way to gain friends who will stay. You will never know if you don't take the risk.


Alright, I shall end my post here before anyone of you gets bored.
Anyways, who will read such a lengthy wordy post to the end~ LOL~~ XD


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