Mini Gathering with Besties~


Went out yesterday to meet up with my besties!!! XD
In a way, we have gone through the phase of best friends and are more like sisters, i would say. I have knew 2 of them since secondary 1 and 1 of them ever since primary 1.

6 years plus plus and 12 years plus plus...

We have gone through many many things together.

Although we are all now leading our own respective lives... There's still a link there that bind us together.

We promised to tell one another when there is a major thing happening in our lives. We promised to be there for each others' weddings in future. We promised to be there for each other no matter what happened.

We are happy for each other when happy things happened from the bottom of our hearts. XD

They are the only ones who can stand my lateness, who listens to my rants, who gives me advice. They are the ones who understands me for who i am.

I am really grateful for having such close friends in my lives. Although we are only meeting once in like a few months.

Thanks all of you~ For being with me all this while.

~Some friends come and go.~
~Some friends are to stay there for life.~

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