The Origin

Many of you have asked me this question:

“Why Forest330?”

I think I did mention why to some of you who asked, some of the very first few.
Well I do get tired of answering the same question for many times so I decided to write a blog post about the origin of my online username, “Forest330”.

This username had stuck with me since I was 11, 8 years ago. Around the time when I first starting to get hooked onto the internet.
Guessed what’s the first account I created with the username??

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It’s Neopets! LOL~

At first, I wanted to just use Forest but there’s already an existing account and they offered me other suggestions which are just numbers behind. So being 11, instead of using something related to me I just click on the number that looks the nicest to me visually at that moment as I was hurrying to create an account so I could play.

And so, the lucky number is 330. Apparently, it’s the nicest number out of the few others they offered me.

It’s only after sometime that I realized I should have come up with a number that is somehow of relation to me. So I created another account with the number 294(my birthday) instead. However, end up I used the 330 account more and I preferred how it sounds when you read it out loud. Hence, it’s stuck with me till now. XD

Now, why “Forest” then?

Before I continued on to the story, I would ask a favor to not laugh too loudly. Simply because I am recounting the actions and mindset of an 11 year old when the username was created. :P

The first thing I was told in school when we were taught how to use the internet in PRIMARY school was not to reveal your real identity as you never know who’s on the other computer screen.

Keeping that in mind, I had quite a hard time thinking up a name when I was creating my Neopets account. This is due to the fact that I am really bad at thinking up names. So this thought came to my mind, if I can’t use my real name I shall use someone else’s instead. And so, my mum’s name came to my mind.

Here’s the funny part.

My mum have 2 English names, one being Apple which she uses more and the other being Florence.

Being brought up in a Chinese speaking family, my English was really just average when I was in Primary school and I can’t really pronounce some words correctly.

And by saying that, I think most of you have guessed.

Yup, I have always thought that my mum’s name, Florence is pronounced as Forest. On top of that, the 11 years old me even thought that that’s how it was spelled too .

It’s only after quite some time that I realized the blunder I have made.

But it’s alright, as all this leads to me having a unique username.

If you were to Google Forest330, most of the results will lead to my profile on various websites. Only most, not all though.

And yup, that basically sums up the origin of my username. Not really a long story, but it does have a long history. XD

And if you guys are wondering why didn’t I use the same name for my blog url. Reason is very simple; url is url while username is username. They are two different things. XD

And if you are wondering why is my url, joyce1012 and the meaning behind it, it’s more simple! 1012 is a code for my initials, J.L. Go figure! XD


~The one and only Forest330~


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  1. kenwooi says:

    kenwooi.. is derived from my name.. =)

    Steven says:

    My username (omikron4) isnt nearly as cool. Its from an old PC game with David Bowie in it. I loved that game and really like David Bowie. :-P

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