Long holidays are boring~







Long holidays are not good for the poor and lazy people like me...

Let's see what have i done during this holiday of mine.

Worked 4 days at Comex...

Went out with friends for less then five times....

Watched 2 movies....

Went shopping at JB with mum for half a day.....

The rest of the days, stay at home and slack...


Well, at least i read 5 books so far le...

3 library books and 2 books that i have bought.

I can't read books to pass time...

Reason being...

I read them way too fast...

I can finish a 500 plus page book in 2 days....

Why don't i go look for another job???

Because i am lazy...

That simple...

Actually not lazy to work la...

Just lazy to find a job...


And since i am not rich...

I can't spend the holidays traveling...


So i end up spending my holidays slacking at home......

What i do at home???

Watch TV, eat, surf net, read magazines, sleep...


I am really a BORED person...

What can i do to make my life more interesting???

Any suggestions???

Tagged by Ana~

What's the first thing you did/you'll do when you turn 18?
ermm, i feel older? haha

Do you find piercings attractive?
It depends on the place.

When was the last time you saw snow?
On tv? haha, poor me, never even seen fake snow before.

Who are your favorite people to talk to when you're down?
Myself and my soft toys. LOL

Do you smile often?
I guessed so.

How long is your hair?
Slightly longer then shoulder length~

How many pillows are on your bed?
2 pillows and a bolster~

What song are you currently listening to?
Bleeding Love

Can you imagine yourself living in a cardboard box?
No, i will die~

What is the WORST subject they teach at school?
Ermm, MMR?? LOL!!!

Where do you plan on living when you grow up?
All over the world~Haha!!!

How do you feel about abortions?

Have you seen anyone lately that you don't get along with but you said hi?
Nope, but i will pretend they're invisible~

Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?
Nope, but i had the experience of changing in a classroom~LOL

What shoes did you wear today?

Are you wearing any jewelry?
Black plastic earrings that i wore everyday to prevent my earholes from closing~

Do you live near your best friends?
Yup, one just right across the street~

What's the last TV show you watched?
Eh, Teenage Ninja Turtles...

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Ear piercings~

Are you a fast typer?
I guessed so~

Have you ever moved house?

Does anyone hate you?
I hope i know~~LOL~~

Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
Yup~ Chinese novels~ I finished Harry Potter in 3 days. Keke~

Does anyone know your password beside you?
Which passwords? My brother know the one to my laptop~

Were you happy when you woke up today?
No, i was woken up due to stomach ache...

Do you still talk to the person you last dated?
Never dated~~

Where were you at 3:02 AM this morning?
Dream land~~

Do you know anyone in Prison?
Ermm, working in prison counted??

when did you last have a home cooked meal?
The day before yesterday~

Name someone you miss
Danson Tang~ LOL~~~

Are you named after your parents?
Nope, but i am named after my cousin. LOL

Who loves you?
Who knows~

Would you lose your virginity to your neighbor?

Did or do you think your childhood dreams will come true?

What’s your opinion on gold diggers?
It's their choice~

What do you hate at the moment?

How many texts are in your inbox?
Dunno, never counted~

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Sort Cheng~

Will you get married?
One day in future~

When was the last time you smiled?

Does anyone like you?
Don't ask me but go ask others~

Who woke you up this morning?
My stomach~

Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
My giant mushroom~

Do you plan on moving out next year?

Are you a forgiving person?

Five people that i tagged:
Sort Cheng
You reading this now
Anyone else who is too bored and have nothing to do~


Mamma Mia! The Movie

Went to watch Mamma Mia! The movie today with Evon and SB today. Wanted to watch an M18 movie 'Stepbrothers' instead but then SB is one month away from being 18 and the person refuse to sell us the tickets. So we settled for Mamma Mia instead.

We were watching the movie at GV Yishun and it was a 4.50pm show. But then the theater only got about 10 plus people. So nice la, you can even chose whatever seats you want, but the seats we got were good enough.

Now to the plot of the movie.

A girl named Sophie is getting married soon and decided to invite three men to her wedding. These three man each had a possibilty of being her father from what she read from her mum, Donna's diary. Sophie thought she could know who's her father when she sees them but it turned out she could not tell. Her mum, Donna saw these three men and was troubled and worried that they might ruin Sophie's wedding, not knowing it was sophie who invited them. The story goes on on how Sophie trying to find out which is her father and her mum, trying to keep them away.


One of the men turned out to be a gay! LOL! And i guessed it right before it was revealed. LOL!

My thoughts on the movie is that it's quite interesting and funny. I have always liked these kind of musical movies. The songs inside are all familiar and if i were not in a cinema, i would love to sing along. Haha. Also, the scenery is super nice la!!! Beautiful mountains and the sea is super clean and blue!! LOL!!! And also imagine marrying at a chruch that is built on a hilltop, so nice. Haha!! Very visually appealing.

I would give it a 3 and a half star out of 5. You should catch it if you like musicals, humour and a little romance. XD


Lost and Found~

On Friday afternoon, i am supposed to meet my friend at Bishan to go shopping at orchard. But when i reached there and called her to ask where she was, she told me that she lost her wallet at the library and she's going back there to search for it.

I waited for a few minutes and she called back saying that her wallet is no longer in the library anymore so i exited the mrt station and went looking for her at the library. My friend said that she realized that her wallet was gone when she wanted to enter the mrt then she immediately run back to the library. The distance to the library from the mrt is like less then 3 mins. Which means just about 5 mins time, her wallet was gone.

I still accompanied her to search the library again to confirm that it is really gone. Then we decided to go replace her ATM card and then go make a police report as her IC is also in the wallet. So after replacing her ATM card, we went to the nearest neighbourhood police post in Bishan to make the report so she could go replace her IC if she really can't find her wallet back.

We went to the police post and waited since there is someone else making a report. After waiting for about 5 mins, my friend received an sms asking her to collect her wallet at City Hall Mrt. So she called the number and asked if her wallet was really found. The person said that someone found it in Marina Square and then return it to the control station at City Hall.

From the time my friend lost her wallet to receiving this sms was only about an hour plus. So me and my friend conclude that the person must have took the wallet from Bishan library and then hop on the train immediately and go somewhere far, then take the money and dump the wallet.

Luckily my friend only have about $15 dollars in her wallet. When i accompanied her to go collect her wallet, the cards was misplaced and the money was gone. I was telling her that she's lucky she got her IC back. It's better to lose the money in the wallet then having to replace the IC which will cost at least a hundred dollars.

Well, lesson learned. Always checked that you have your valuables with you whenever you leave a place, be it a cafe, mrt, library or anywhere else. Do not anyhow put your valuables. Don't give people chance to take your wallet or other valuables which you misplaced. You might not be as lucky as my friend who got her wallet back even though she lost some money. Or maybe if possible, do not put too much cash in your wallet.

Shall end here today.


A cute creation of mine XD

A picture i created during class when i am very bored. So i drew this on paint using the sch computer.

I swear i am not the only one not paying attention in class. Hahax!

I love my cute robot and the little yellow thingy. Keke.

All drew using shapes. Me love playing with shapes. Haha!!!



Received an sms at about 8.11am regarding my results. I was still sleeping and i got awake when i saw my grades...

Disappointment was the first thing that came in my mind...

My grades dropped...

I used to only have one C+ every semester, and i was shocked seeing two of them in my results...

One of them was for Journalistic Writing which i kind of expected.

The other was IMM which is totally unexpected. I done quite well for the ICAs for IMM and i thought i could get a B+ for this module... I must have screwed up my exam badly then... When i thought that I actually done quite ok for the paper.

Got Bs for the other modules which i thought i screwed up the papers. Things really are unexpected huh.

B+ for multicam, one satisfaction.

At least my overall GPA still remain a 3.

But if I keep things this way for next semester, it ain't going to stay at 3.

Guess, this holidays will be my last slacking period. Cause I have made up my mind to work hard next semester. It's my last chance. Since next semester is the last semester with exams. The last chance where i can pull up my grades with studying hard.

I am really disappointed with myself... Especially when i had said that i would do well this semester... Haiz... It's all my own fault... Cause i knew that i did not work hard enough.

Shall end here.


Babylon A.D Review

Ok, so i went to watch Babylon A.D on tuesday night.

Thanks Nuffnang again for the tickets!!! XD

I shall first say that i am slightly disappointed after the movie. More because of the abrupt ending. The trailer was good, but the movie was not that good.

It started out quite well but then as the movie goes on, it got confusing.

There are too much things left unexplained. I was left with quite a number of question marks after the movie.

But i like the high - tech stuff shown in the movie.

The map that looks like a normal piece of paper but allows you to zoom in and set your route to your destination.

The house that is like fully automatic.

Really cool.

And the scenery at the convent is really beautiful too.

The actions in the movie were good but i think that the shots are a tad too shaky.

I seriously think that it really ended way too abrupt, like there is not enough time so they just end it quickly.

As this movie was set in the year 2031, the way the movie portray the world in that time frame left an impact on me.

Places in ruins, animals extinct, clones of clones, refugees everywhere, people left dying, congested cities.

It's like the world gone haywire. All due to mankind.

It left me thinking, what will the world be like in the future to come? Will it be anything like the world portrayed in the movie?

Overall, i rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

I shall say that it's more worth it if you catch it on the day when the movie tickets are the cheapest. Or don't watch it in the cinemas.


P.S : All above are my personal opinions. XD

New Look XD

Change my blog header.

I have always liked my previous header because it's Danson. Hahax!!

But then i wanted to make my blog more personalized, hence the change.

And since i am bored just now, i opened up photoshop to make a simple header.

My photoshop skills not that good and i do not have any nice pictures on hand. Hence i made a very simple one with brushes. I quite like it myself. XD

I might change it again though. XD

Oh yar, i have gotten free tickets for Babylon A.D coming tuesday!!!
Thanks Nuffnang! XD

My very first chinese novel, completed.

After writing for about a year, i finally finished writing my very first chinese novel. With a total of 40 chapters. One can hardly understand my feelings when i finished writing the very last word of the story. I was touched that i actually finished it.

I always loved writing. I love writing compositions be it in english or chinese since young. I was 15 when i actually started to write stories. My very first one was in english, but it was left hanging after several chapters. Then i go on to write others but left them hanging and deleted some on the way.

Then i decided to write a chinese story since my chinese is stronger then my english. I only wrote one page at that time. Then i decided to share that very chapter with my online friends by posting it on my pixnet blog. I just wanted to see what others think about my writing. I was kind of surprise when i got good comments. It motivated me to write more, until i actually completed it yesterday night.

I felt accomplished at that very moment i posted the very last chapter on my pixnet blog.

It is the very first completed work of mine.

There will be more to come. One day i will go back to the english story that i left hanging and complete it.

For now, i think i will continue with my chinese stories first.

For those who are interested, you can go read my chinese stories at my pixnet blog XD



Babylon A.D.

I first knew of Babylon A.D when i was waiting for the train in the morning. The trailer got my attention and even when i was walking towards the rear, i keep turing back to look at the trailer. In my mind was:''Hmm, that movie looks interesting. Maybe i should ask my friends to watch it with me when it's out in the theaters."

Then i received an email from Nuffnang about a movie screening of Babylon A.D. I can win tickets just by writing a blog entry. So why not? Even if i did not win the tickets, i have nothing to lose.

So before i started writing this entry, i went googling about the movie. What i found out is that it is an adaption from a book named [Babylon Babies] by Maurice Georges Dantec. [Babylon Babies] was first published in french in 1999.It is a science fiction techno-thriller set in the year 2013.

From all the movies that i have watched, adaptions from novels are normally quite successful. People who have read the book before would watch the movie and people who liked the movie will go searching for the book. While googling about the movie, i want to read the book already. Simply because the book must be real good to be adapted into a movie.

The synopsis for this movie is very simple.

A mercenery with a mission to deliver a package which is a young woman with a secret.

This make people want to know more. At least i do.

Nice trailer, nice synopsis, good reviews about the book it was adapted from. All this factors make me want to catch this movie.

And i had a good chance to be able to catch this movie for free and also able to get a chance to get to know other fellow bloggers over at Nuffnang. It's really kind of a win-win situation. Of course i might not get the tickets. But still, there's a chance. XD

Check out more about the movie at www.babylonadmovie.com

Even the website is cool. XD

Back from work

Sorry for not updating for so long.

Was working at Comex for the past four days.

Did not have enough sleep these few days...

My own fault, haha...

Me have to wake up early yet i only sleep at after 2.


Holiday now...

Now i very free.

Nothing to do at home.


Shall wait for my pay so i can buy camera. XD

Ok, i shall go work on my chinese novel now.

Left two chapters till the end. XD

I don't how come my blog will have pop-ups lei.

Also don't know how to remove...

Stupid pop-up ads.