My very first chinese novel, completed.

After writing for about a year, i finally finished writing my very first chinese novel. With a total of 40 chapters. One can hardly understand my feelings when i finished writing the very last word of the story. I was touched that i actually finished it.

I always loved writing. I love writing compositions be it in english or chinese since young. I was 15 when i actually started to write stories. My very first one was in english, but it was left hanging after several chapters. Then i go on to write others but left them hanging and deleted some on the way.

Then i decided to write a chinese story since my chinese is stronger then my english. I only wrote one page at that time. Then i decided to share that very chapter with my online friends by posting it on my pixnet blog. I just wanted to see what others think about my writing. I was kind of surprise when i got good comments. It motivated me to write more, until i actually completed it yesterday night.

I felt accomplished at that very moment i posted the very last chapter on my pixnet blog.

It is the very first completed work of mine.

There will be more to come. One day i will go back to the english story that i left hanging and complete it.

For now, i think i will continue with my chinese stories first.

For those who are interested, you can go read my chinese stories at my pixnet blog XD


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