Lost and Found~

On Friday afternoon, i am supposed to meet my friend at Bishan to go shopping at orchard. But when i reached there and called her to ask where she was, she told me that she lost her wallet at the library and she's going back there to search for it.

I waited for a few minutes and she called back saying that her wallet is no longer in the library anymore so i exited the mrt station and went looking for her at the library. My friend said that she realized that her wallet was gone when she wanted to enter the mrt then she immediately run back to the library. The distance to the library from the mrt is like less then 3 mins. Which means just about 5 mins time, her wallet was gone.

I still accompanied her to search the library again to confirm that it is really gone. Then we decided to go replace her ATM card and then go make a police report as her IC is also in the wallet. So after replacing her ATM card, we went to the nearest neighbourhood police post in Bishan to make the report so she could go replace her IC if she really can't find her wallet back.

We went to the police post and waited since there is someone else making a report. After waiting for about 5 mins, my friend received an sms asking her to collect her wallet at City Hall Mrt. So she called the number and asked if her wallet was really found. The person said that someone found it in Marina Square and then return it to the control station at City Hall.

From the time my friend lost her wallet to receiving this sms was only about an hour plus. So me and my friend conclude that the person must have took the wallet from Bishan library and then hop on the train immediately and go somewhere far, then take the money and dump the wallet.

Luckily my friend only have about $15 dollars in her wallet. When i accompanied her to go collect her wallet, the cards was misplaced and the money was gone. I was telling her that she's lucky she got her IC back. It's better to lose the money in the wallet then having to replace the IC which will cost at least a hundred dollars.

Well, lesson learned. Always checked that you have your valuables with you whenever you leave a place, be it a cafe, mrt, library or anywhere else. Do not anyhow put your valuables. Don't give people chance to take your wallet or other valuables which you misplaced. You might not be as lucky as my friend who got her wallet back even though she lost some money. Or maybe if possible, do not put too much cash in your wallet.

Shall end here today.


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